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Nominate your employees for a free month of Moncierge service!

Nominate your employees for a free month of Moncierge service!
Nominate your employees for a free month of Moncierge service!

mtime is a for purpose business existing to support busy parents. Since 2017, we’ve been matching families with our Moncierges: family assistants we train to provide parents with a flexible mix of at home support and child minding. Moncierges can help with anything from cooking, housekeeping, and babysitting, to everyday errands... like guardian angels who can sweep in and help wherever they’re needed. Our business was built on a culture of care and our primary focus has never wavered from caring for parents so they can better look after themselves and their families.

Just as this pandemic has taught us all a number of things; we also recognise that it has shone a light on the challenges of being a full time working parent in a world that is ‘fast and furious’. It often feels like a constant state of relentless busyness; with a to–do list that just won’t go away. We’re seeing and hearing of genuine SOS moments particularly from working mothers who are experiencing acute time–crunch. They’re being pulled into major work projects to help ready their business in response to COVID–19; while managing a now extra busy household and possibly homeschooling their children. All this while bearing the overall anxieties of a pandemic, leaving them stretched and potentially not able to bring their best selves to work.

For us this isn’t ‘new news’. We’ve been trying to give time back and help parents reclaim some balance in their lives since our creation in Melbourne 3 years ago. However, with businesses now rallying to offset the scale of this pain point, we’re mobilising a better crafted solution for innovative and forward thinking organisations who are actively addressing new ways their workforce will need support in the ‘new normal’. To this, we now offer a customised, fit–for–purpose programme where companies can offer moncierge services to support their working parents. This can be flexible in delivery – landing within one of the following three territories:

  1. Subsidise the full service or a percentage.
  2. Salary sacrifice the offer as an employee benefit.
  3. A co–marketing approach to promote our service through your employee network and/or integrate our offering within an existing rewards or benefit programme.

We’re offering a free Moncierge for a month to a business to support their employees (fitting the following criteria):

  • Must be based in Melbourne or Sydney,
  • Must have minimum 10 or more employees,
  • Must be willing to provide detailed feedback and;
  • Must share the story of their family's life before and after mtime

The company should also consider this experience as a chance to kickstart a formal pilot across their organisation. For simplicity a short list of ideal outcomes from mtime’s perspective:

  • The employee and their family will be interviewed to generate content (written & video) of their experience with mtime.
  • There will be co–creation of a co–branded case study that can be shared with the public, as well as used in our marketing efforts across our website and paid campaign activity (& your owned real estate such as web and social channels).
  • Your business will facilitate future engagement with your nominated key stakeholders to formalise a pilot whereby 10 or more of your employees can use our services moving forward.

Ultimately – having experienced the value add this engagement can bring to your organisation, we believe this could not only form the basis of a robust business case for permanent adoption; but also a fantastic way to show support for working parents within your company – which surely is a market leading proposition to shout about! Get in touch with us here for more details!

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