Become a moncierge

Our goal is to take care of parents, so that they can take care of their families — and we're looking for caring individuals to help us do it!

Become a moncierge

Why become a moncierge?

As an mtime Moncierge, you'll be matched with families who will rely on your help with a mix of cleaning, laundry, childcare or cooking tasks. Commitment to the family we match you with is the most important thing about this role. This is because your family will not only rely on your help, but they will consider you as one of their own.

What will a typical shift be like?

In the typical three hour session, many families will ask their Moncierge to come over at 2pm and do an hour of tidying. At 3pm, their Moncierge may be asked to go and pick up their kids from school, from which point the Moncierge will focus purely on childcare until mum or dad comes home from work. Once mum or dad is home and with the kids, the Moncierge may use the rest of the session to help make dinner.

Other families may want more tasks done, and therefore will ask for a session that is longer than three hours. For example, for a family getting five hours of help per session, the mix of tasks could consist of a one hour tidy, a three hour house clean and one hour of folding and ironing clothing.

It is important to be aware that none of the families you work with will only want help with one type of task. They are hiring a Moncierge specifically because they want help with cooking, cleaning, chores AND childcare. Unfortunately, this means if you only want to do one type of task, we may not be the right fit for you.


You need to have at least ONE YEAR of experience in cooking, cleaning, and childcare tasks.

We consider home based skills to be as valuable as professional skills and we particularly encourage migrants, former and current stay at home parents, and retirees who are looking to build meaningful relationships with young families to apply. But all who are passionate about helping families are welcome!

Become a moncierge

Work time

Most shifts with the families you'll be matched with will be 3hrs once or twice a week. You must be able to work at the same time each week.

Become a moncierge


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