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Since launching in March 2017, mtime has been a social enterprise with a focus on taking care of parents so that they can take care of their families. We do this by matching them with Moncierges, personal assistants who combine housekeeping and nannying tasks into one role. Our team is always working toward finding new ways of supporting families and one of them is using this blog as a platform to share the stories of our community.

In today's blog post we want to kick-start the holiday period by sharing some traditional recipes our Moncierges cook during the holidays with their families.

We have asked the mtime Moncierges and community members to share some traditional family recipes they cook during the holidays period. The variety of recipes on display reflect mtime's cultural diversity by bringing together dishes from all over the world.

We hope you enjoy and get the chance to try some of the recipes out during the holiday break!

PORK MENUDO - Traditional Filipino Christmas Dish

Pork menudo
Pork menudo



Marinate the pork in a bowl with soy sauce and lemon before cooking. Let it marinate for at least an hour and place in the fridge. Take the marinated pork out of the refrigerator 15 minutes before cooking.

Start by sauteing garlic and onion. Once the onions are soft, add the marinated pork. Cook the pork until it browns. Add tomato sauce, beef broth, and dried bay leaves. Cover and simmer until the meat gets tender, usually takes 40 to 60 minutes. Saute the fresh liver first, in ginger and garlic before adding it to the pork. Finally, add vegetables, potatoes, and carrots. Continue to cook for a few more minutes. Add salt and pepper depending on you what you prefer and serve with nice and your preferred veggies

Recipe by our Moncierge Sherry

DUMPLINGS - Traditional Nepalese holiday recipe




Prepare the filling by finely chopping the cabbage, the onion and the coriander. Take a bowl, add all the previously chopped ingredients and the mince, mix well. Add salt and warmed up butter, mix well again until you obtain a smooth mixture .

Start filling the dumpling wrapper with the mixture. Apply some water to the edges of the dumpling wrapper to form the dumpling and prevent the filling to escape. To cook steam for 15 mins. Serve with your preferred sauce.

Tip: in the filling you can add some momo masala powder which makes the dumplings extra tasty. You can find momo masala powder in a Nepalese or Indian grocery.

Recipe by our Moncierge Nira

UGALI (corn bread) with wet fried tilapia fish - Traditional holiday dish from Kenya



Start by making ugali. Add some water to the pan the quantity of water, bring it to the boiling point. Add the maize flour and using a cooking stick mold it until it makes a dough. Then place the dough on a plate.

To prepare the tilapia fish, clean the fish by removing the scale and the intestine. Cut the fish into half then cut it slightly on the surface. Heat some oil in a frying pan and deep in the fish, cook until brown then remove it from the frying pan.

In another pan put some oil and heat it, then add onion, garlic until brown. Add tomatoes, salt, let in cook for a few minutes. Add tomato sauce then add the fried fish and coriander. Cook for 5 mins and serve with the cornbread.

Recipe by our Moncierge Millicent

BERRY PAVLOVA - Traditional Australian Christmas cake.

Berry Pavlova
Berry Pavlova



Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius. Beat eggs white and pinch of salt, add sugar little by little and beat in until you obtain a stiff meringue.

Add cornflour, vinegar and vanilla and mix gently. Get a baking tray, and draw a 20cm circle on the baking paper. Put the meringue onto baking tray within the circle, flatten the top and smooth the sides.

Bring the oven to 150 degrees celsius and place the tray in the oven, cook for 30 mins. After, reduce the oven to 120 degrees celsius and cook for other 45mins. Once ready, take the pavlova out of the oven and leave it on a plate to cool completely. Pile whipped cream and berries.

Tip: with the berry Pavlova, it is also traditional to crush one peppermint crisp chocolate bar and sprinkle it on top of the berries.

Recipe by Eliza, mtime community member.

CHICKEN CURRY - Traditional Holiday dish in India



Sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper. In food processor, finely blend onion, ginger, garlic, paprika, cayenne, cinnamon and cardamom to just short of making a puree.

Heat half the oil in large saucepan over medium-high heat. Brown chicken on both sides, cooking in batches if necessary, and remove to plate.

Add remaining oil, turn heat down to medium, and cook onion mixture, stirring, for 4 to 5 minutes. Add spinach and cook, stirring, for another 4 to 5 minutes. Add chicken and gently simmer, covered, for 25 to 30 minutes, turning halfway through. Serve with rice.

Recipe by our Moncierge Priyanka.

CANNELLONI with ricotta and spinach - Traditional Italian Christmas lunch dish




For the filling wash the spinach, heat 20g of butter in a fry pan and add the spinach. Add salt and cook for 5 mins until soft, once ready, let it cool down and finely chop the spinach. In a bowl mix spinach and ricotta, add the egg and mix well. Add mascarpone, a pinch of salt, pepper, nutmeg and 50g of grated parmesan cheese, mix well all the ingredients together.

Bring water to boil, add salt and quickly cook the cannelloni pasta- they need to be al dente, if you overcook it they will break and all the filling will come out! Put them in a tray to cool down then, use a spoon to fill the pasta with the mixture.

Put the cannelloni one next to the other in a baking tray, cover with bechamel and grate abundant parmesan cheese on top. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius, cover the baking tray with some aluminium foil and place it into the oven, cook for 15 mins. Remove the foil and cook for extra 10 mins until the top is brown. Serve and eat immediately!

Tip: you can make your own bechamel, it is super easy. Just get 100g butter, 100g flour, 1L milk full cream, nutmeg, pinch of salt. Warm up the milk with a pinch of salt and nutmeg. In a pot, melt the butter in low-heath. Turn off the stove and add all the flur, mix well until you obtain a smooth mixture. Turn on the stove, low-heat, and cook for a few minutes until brown. Add the warm milk to the mixture, mix well while cooking for 5-6 mins until start boiling and you obtain a thick creamy sauce.

Recipe by Federica, mtime General Manager.

MEAT AND POTATOES PILAU - Traditional Holiday Recipe from The Democratic Republic of Congo



Combine all the spices into a bowl. Heat a large pot over medium-high heat and add the oil, red onion and saute for 10-15mins, until dark brown. Add all the spices, ginger, garlic and beef stock cubes. Cook for 2 mins and add beef, cook until brown around. Add tomatoes and cook for another 4-5 mins. Add potatoes and water, let it simmer for 10 mins. Finally, add rice, cover, reduce heat to low and slow cook for 20 mins.

Recipe by our Moncierge Marie

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