How much does a Nanny, Cleaner and other household help cost in Australia?

One of the biggest things a family must consider before getting household help or domestic services is how much it will cost. We have created a pricing guide to help you understand what you can expect to pay for each type of service in Australia.

Learn how much household help costs in Australia
Learn how much household help costs in Australia

How much does a cleaner cost?

Cleaning rates are usually $35-45/hr depending on the frequency of your service. One off cleans typically range between $45-55/hr.

How much does a nanny cost?

$25-35/hr. You may also need to cover super, workers compensation, insurance and leave allowances on top of this cost. Newborn care can be more expensive. You may be able to get different quotes if you seek to hire a nanny on a per day basis.

If you hire through a nanny agency, there are additional costs to consider. A nanny agency will charge a registration fee and a placement fee.

A registration fee is usually $100 at a minimum but can go up to a few hundred dollars. It covers the cost of initiating the search for your nanny, so things like creating the job ad, screening applicants, etc. A placement fee can be anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars and it is paid only once a suitable nanny has been found by the agency and accepted by your family. Some agencies will also charge the placement fee on an annual basis. The cost of the placement fee will usually depend on what your requirements are, whether the nanny is full time or part time, and your location.

How much does a housekeeper cost?

Housekeeper rates are usually $35-45/hr. You may also need to pay a placement/joining fee depending on the agency and if the housekeeper is working for you full time. This fee can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on your specifications.

How much does a babysitter cost?

Babysitter rates are $20-25/hr depending on the age and experience of the babysitter. Some babysitters may charge more for additional children in their care. You may also need to cover super, workers compensation, insurance and leave allowances on top of this cost. Newborn care can also be more expensive.

How much does an Au Pair or Live in Nanny Cost?

Au Pairs are entitled to receive the national minimum wage so many families will determine the average cost of the room and board they are providing their Au Pair and deduct this cost from what would’ve been full time minimum wage. For example, if minimum wage is $750/week and room and board is $400/week, then the family will pay their Au Pair $350/week in pocket money.

How much does a Lifestyle Concierge cost?

$80-100/hr, depending on the frequency of use.

How much does meal prep support cost?

Personal cooks or chefs are usually hired on a one to one basis and prices vary greatly as they are often based on quotes. As a more accessible alternative, many families use meal delivery services that send the ingredients for 5-7 meals per week to your door. Many of these have prices around $10-15/serving.

How much does a Moncierge cost?

A Moncierge is a family assistant who combines housekeeping, cleaning and nannying into one role to support busy parents. A Moncierge costs $40/hr and a $149 annual fee. For service on weekends, public holidays and evenings surcharges apply to cover staff penalty rates.

The Do it Yourself Approach

The DIY approach is typically the most cost-effective method of finding support, the main cost being your time and the lack of backup support if something goes wrong.

If you choose to organise any of these services outside of an agency and advertise and hire on your own, you will need to contact fair work to determine the minimum award rate for each role. For example, some domestic roles, such as housekeeping and nannying, fall under the Miscellaneous Award. You may also need to cover super, workers compensation, insurance and other allowances on top of this cost.

Want to learn about how each of these options can help support you and your family? [click here] (( to read our Australian Household Help Guide.

This guide is intended for general use, with a predominant focus on the cost of going through an agency for each service, so you may find that some services that you come across in your own research cost more or less than described. These figures are correct as of May 2019.

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