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Letting someone new into your home can be a daunting prospect. By the same token, entering into someone else's home for the first time can be an equally nerve wracking situation.

To make things easier for both sides, we've interviewed Moncierges and families using our service to paint a picture of who we work with and what the mtime community looks like. In today's blog, we'll be sharing an interview of one of our amazing Moncierges, Monica.

Meet Monica

Monica is a reliable and proactive nurse from Colombia and is best known by her families for her proactivity and reliability. She a joined the mtime family last year and has since worked with a variety of families in both temp care and ongoing support roles.

Monica loves listening to music, going to church on Sundays and cycling. She loves nature, animals, cooking and making delicious homemade dishes. At the moment, she is studying an English Course alongside her role of Moncierge.

mtime Moncierge Monica
Moncierge Monica

Read our interview with Monica below:

mtime: "Hello Monica, thank you for agreeing to share your story with the mtime community! Should we dive in?"

Monica: "Thank you for having me, I'm excited to be here. Yes, let's start, I'm ready!"

mtime: "Great! Our first question is: Why did you decide to become a Moncierge?"

Monica: "Well, thanks to my previous experience as a nurse, I've always been used to take care of others, from newborns to elderly people and I guess that's what I like doing the best. I have always being aware of the welfare of people around me. By being a Moncierge, I knew I had the chance to bring my personal expertise to help busy families. I like the fact that I can pay attention to the needs of each family member and care for them individually and as a family."

mtime: "Thank you, this is so lovely to hear s and I know from you client's feedback that they really feel cared for.. But what was it like the first time you met your family? Was it easy to create this caring connection?"

Monica: "Everytime I meet a new family is great for me however I always feel a little nervous and anxious. I always remember how was to meet my first ever mtime family, I was a bit scared.

I arrived at their front door and I could see their house and the living room from the window. I started to relax when the family greeted me, welcomed me into their home and invited me to sit on the couch. I felt much more confident as every family member introduced themselves, they were all so extremely kind kind and, we ended up having a very good and friendly chat. In that moment I finally felt that they trusted me and I was building that connection with the whole family."

mtime illustration dialogue
Mtime Illustration

mtime: "I can imagine how at the start you'd feel nervous and a bit anxious to meet your new families but I am also happy to hear that you overcome that by talking to the family members and by building a trusting relationship. How do you make sure you can keep that relationship secure and meet their expectations in the long run?"

Monica: "At the start of every session I try to understand what're the priority needs of the family. After a while you know the family it's easier as you can understand what they need help with during the session. I also always try to complete all the tasks carefully. Sometimes, I am able to finish all the task and still have a little time left during the session, in this way I can do some additional tasks that the family don't expect and they'll be so happy is seeing them done!

I remember, I did that once with one of my clients, *Jane and her family. I had some leftover time and I did some extra chores, Jane was so happy that she started laughing a lot, she was so genuinely happy, grateful and excited; she couldn't believe I was so quick and I could get everything done on the list and also some extra chores. I think, helping people and get a big smile from them after I helped them, is the highlights of being a Moncierge."

mtime: "Oh yes, that's right. I remember Jane compliments, that made us so happy too, it was an heartwarming moment! Why do you think it's important for these busy parents to have a Moncierge help around the house?"

Monica: "Every parent spends a lot of energy trying to tackle many different things, often at once. Having to take care of kids, meals, family commitments, chores,'s easy to get overwhelmed, stressed and tired. I think it's important to have some balance in life to have time for self-care; their physical and mental health is important, too."

mtime: "We couldn't agree more with you Monica self care is the most important thing and it's exactly what we stand for at mtime. That was my last question today, would you like to add anything else?"

Monica: "Yes, I actually enjoying cooking and I'd like to share a recipe that me and my family love with the mtime community. It is really easy and healthy, perfect for summer. Ingredients are mixed vegetables (carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini, onion, leek) tofu and almonds. Chop everything and sauteed vegetables on a frying pan with some olive oil, white wine, salt and pepper. Meal is ready! Let me know how you go if you try and make it!"

mtime: "This recipe seems so yummy, we'll definitely try and make it!"

Monica: "Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to become a Moncierge."

mtime: "Thank you, we are honored to have you as part of our family!"

*Name has been changed for privacy reasons

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