Meet our moncierge: Putu and Monique

Since launching in March 2017, m-Time has been a social enterprise with a focus on taking care of parents so that they can take care of their families. We do this by matching them with Moncierges, personal assistants who combine housekeeping and nannying tasks into one role. Our team is always working toward finding new ways of supporting families and one of them is using this blog as a platform to share the stories of our community. Today's stories are written by two of our m-Time Moncierges, Monique and Putu, and they discuss their experiences in the m-Time community.

Our moncierges
mtime moncierges

Meet Putu

Putu is a Moncierge who exemplifies what we mean when we say that the exchanges between families and Moncierges is one of the most valuable things about m-Time. Putu is one of the most open minded and committed Moncierges we have worked with since launching. She is always willing to take part in our community skill sharing and regularly cooks traditional Indonesian food for the family she has been matched with and engages in a language share with them too.


My name is Putu and I'm a co-founder of a non-profit organisation for underprivileged young people in Bogor Indonesia. I used to work with young people to assist them to reach their dreams and I love storytelling and tutoring (especially math). Alongside my role at m-Time, I am also the house manager of my small family which consists of my husband and me. For 15 years, I have looked after us, including to look after my paralyzed mother, until she passed away two years ago. Now, my husband and I have moved to Melbourne, as my husband is continuing his education at the University of Melbourne.

Through the journey in my life there are only three things I want to keep on doing:

  1. learn about everything and from everyone with an open mind,
  2. always try and do my best for every decision and choices I make, and;
  3. being useful to other people.

If you ask me what my biggest goal in life is, the answer is to assist others in achieving their goals. My life's principles strongly influence my action. I'm passionate about learning as well as sharing with everyone. These principles allow me to get along with many people whatever their background, ethnicity, and religion may be.

Why m-Time?

Honestly when I applied to become a Moncierge it was caused by my curiosity. I wondered, what is a Moncierge? Last year, as a newcomer in Australia I needed to keep myself active and start networking, so I tried the opportunity to become a Moncierge.

I attended the open day and booked for the interview. And fortunately I received the chance to start my role as a Moncierge not long after the interview. Being a Moncierge allows me to get to know local people, build my confidence, practice my English, knowledge share with others and for sure gain new networks.

Although at the beginning I was a bit hesitant to start my role, with time I got used to it. Of course not all clients match to my character and abilities but that's fine as I count them as my learning materials. It is not only housekeeping work, cleaning or babysitting; it is becoming the chain of my life's missions.

Through the conversation and the interaction with the families we work with, we learn about others culture as well as people learn about ours, seeing life from different perspectives and views. By being a Moncierge I can learn to become a “bridge” for my culture and our clients' culture.

Meet Monique

Monique is a Moncierge that is particularly loved by the in-house team at m-Time. One of the things we first noticed about her was how bright she was, both in spirit and in intellect. So it was no surprise to us that when she got her first match with a family, the feedback was that she does everything she can to inspire a love of learning, imagination and laughter in their home.


My name is Monique, I'm 23 years old and am a full time student living on the Peninsula.

I am studying to be a nurse and paramedic and will be completing the double degree this year. In my off-time, my favourite things to do are taking a walk along the beach or sitting down to a cup of tea and a good book! I am also a calisthenics coach at a local club that I have been involved with for 20 years.

My experience with M-time as a Moncierge has been extremely rewarding. I love that when I go to work I am helping others and forming meaningful relationships. The family that I work for have become very important to me as we have been working together for over a year. It has been so special watching the children that I care for develop and spending time with them is a highlight of my week.

What's it like being a Moncierge?

A typical Moncierge session for me has consisted of an 8-hour day. In this job I have felt very valued. I am lucky enough to be able to take one of the girls I care for to activities such as Planet Kids, the Big Goose, Gymbaroo and Acrobatics while her sister is at school. In nicer weather we spend time outside at the park or playing in the playground. Once home we play games, read books together and our favourite movie is Moana. I am also able to do washing, cook meals and do general cleaning to help around the house.

[The m-Time Team] have been easily accessible and approachable. They have shown support in my work life and encouragement with university. We communicate through phone calls and emails but primarily WhatsApp which is extremely easy and convenient for me. I feel very lucky to have found something that I love doing, so juggling my life and commitments has become that much easier. I would highly recommend this job to anyone who wants to feel happy, helpful and appreciated at work.

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