We've been named as one of the best cleaning options in Melbourne!

Cleaning Service Reviewed
Cleaning Service Reviewed Lists the Best Cleaning Services Anywhere

Our team was proud to see that we had been listed as one of the best options for house cleaning in Melbourne. Our focus on providing flexible care for busy parents has seen us come in at number 5.

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mtime Reviewed

mtime is best for busy parents who need a mix of housekeeping and nannying service

mtime is a social enterprise providing Moncierge service to busy parents and professionals and creating a supportive community for their members. Moncierges are certified personal assistants who combine housekeeping and nannying into one role so that busy parents can spend more time with their families.

mtime operates on a membership system which can be accomplished in 3 simple steps. Sign up, input your preferences using their 15-minute Moncierge-matching questionnaire, then get introduced to your moncierge plus free 30 minutes for the first visit. Members enjoy Moncierge sessions from only $39/hr, are given a dedicated Moncierge and a dedicated Concierge for ongoing service support.

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