What is Light Housekeeping?

What is included in your light housekeeping?

Laundry (machine washing, drying, ironing, folding - family to sort laundry prior to washing)

Grocery shopping and other errands

Making beds

Cooking and meal prep (family to provide recipes and ingredients)

Washing dishes/loading dishwasher

Wiping down kitchen counters and surfaces

Removing expired food from the refrigerator and clearing out pantries

Wiping down bathroom surfaces and mirrors

Maintenance-level cleaning of toilet

Dusting of surfaces

Watering plants

Changing bins

Vacuuming and sweeping of general living spaces and bedrooms

Tidying living spaces and bedrooms

And, your moncierge will clean up after themselves while in your home.

What is not covered by your light Housekeeping?

mtime is not a professional cleaning service, and our moncierges are not trained on detailed or deep cleaning. This means our moncierges do not do the following: Deep cleaning or shampooing carpets or scrubbing/mopping floors, scrubbing of shower/ tub, washing windows, oven cleaning, moving heavy furniture or cleaning underneath furniture. If you require help with laundry, you will need to sort it for your moncierge prior to washing.

How does cooking and meal prep work?

Our moncierges are trained on food safety, but are not trained cooks. This means that if you need help with meals we will match you with a moncierge who has stated that they are comfortable cooking within a client home. You will need to provide recipes and the ingredients for any dishes you would like prepared by your moncierge. As 50% of our moncierges are recent migrants, they may not be familiar with Western cuisine, but if you are happy to show them your preferences and tastes, they will be very happy to help!

What if I need deep/detailed cleaning or help with cleaning parts of my home that is not on your list?

If you require cleaning outside of what we offer, we are more than happy to refer you to a professional cleaning service. Your Moncierge can then help you maintain a tidy home moving forward.

If you ask your Moncierge to help with housekeeping tasks, they will use the products in your home. Once you sign up, we will send you a list of suggested basic cleaning supplies. If you need extra support selecting what products to provide, you will be welcome to contact the mtime team.

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