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Meet our Community: Eva

Meet Eva - one of our moncierge and learn about what's it's like to be a moncierge

Meet our Community: Eva

Since launching in March 2017, mtime has been a for purpose business with a focus on taking care of parents so that they can take care of their families. We do this by matching families with Moncierges; personal assistants who combine housekeeping and nannying tasks into one role.

Our team is always working towards finding new ways of supporting families; and one of them is using this blog as a platform to share the stories of our community. In today's story, we're sharing an interview with one of the parents using our service, Eva.

Eva is one member of a community of more than 100 mtime families that we have worked with over the past year. We were fortunate enough to get the chance to ask her about her experiences with mtime and her Moncierge, Sherry.

Meet Eva

Where are you from Abbotsford, Victoria.

What's your job? Small Business Owner

Why did you join mtime? I needed help keeping the house running smoothly, and mtime had the best described service I found. I love that the moncierges are staff, not contractors, and that mtime goes to great lengths to hire quality people, doing reference checks, police checks, etc. So I felt very comfortable we were engaging with a trustworthy business.

What was it like the first time you met your Moncierge? It was a bit odd knowing someone was coming to help around the house and I'd never met them before. But our moncierge was lovely, friendly, and interested in how we did things around the home and how she could best help.

What was a memorable moment you've had with your Moncierge? It wasn't so much with my Moncierge, but with my husband one day who came home on a Tuesday and the house was sparking clean, a couple of weeks after [my first Moncierge] had started, saw the house was sparkling clean and said "Tuesdays are my favourite day of the week. I'm so glad I had the idea to get someone to come help out" Which of course, it wasn't his idea and he was actually quite against it – obviously he changed his tune!

Why do you think having a Moncierge benefits a family? Having a moncierge is a benefit because there is so much going on in life that it's often impossible to take care of everything and still have time to yourself to enjoy life. So for us, having a moncierge is crucial for making sure we get time together as a family and having less things on your plate to get stressed about or spend time on.

What is the best thing about having a Moncierge helping you and your family? Sherry (our current moncierge) is AMAZING. She does a much better job around the home than I do – her quality standards are very high – and it inspires us to keep things nicer too.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the mtime team? Thanks for being a great business! You're doing an awesome job!

Interested in getting a Moncierge for your family? Click here to learn more about our Moncierge service.

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