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Meet our Community: Naomi

Get to know Naomi, one of long time community members!

Meet our Community: Naomi

Since launching in March 2017, mtime has been a for purpose business, with a focus on taking care of parents so that they can better take care of their families. We do this by matching them with Moncierges: personal assistants who combine housekeeping and nannying tasks into one role. Our team is always working towards finding new ways of supporting families - and one of them is using this blog as a platform to share the stories of our community. In today's story, we're sharing an interview with one of the parents using our service, Naomi.

Naomi is one member of a community that includes more than 150 families that we've worked with over the past two years. Naomi and her family have been with mtime for over two years now and saw our company grow and develop throughout. Naomi is from Melbourne and she works in a Leadership & Organisational Communications role. We were fortunate enough to get the chance to ask her a few questions about her experiences with mtime and her Moncierge, Chantal.

Meet Naomi

[mtime] Hello Naomi, thank you for your time today and for sharing your story with our community! Here's my first question: why did you decide to start with mtime?

I was working at Australia Post when mtime received a startup grant. After I heard about the philosophy of providing reliable employment and making household help part of every parent's life, I wanted to see this business thrive.

Oh yes, I remember you joined mtime while we were still testing! Thank you so much for sticking around and supporting us up to date, it means a lot!

I know it's been a while now but if you can recall... what was it like when you first met your Moncierge/s? How did you feel?

I immediately felt how keen the Moncierges were to support me and our kids. I felt they understood what it's like to have a busy household and wanted to bring care and nurture.

Oh that's so nice to hear! I am glad your experience started off this well. What was a memorable moment you've had with your Moncierge?

Every Tuesday is a memorable moment! I arrive home to clean beds, floors, kitchen and folded laundry and I breathe a big breath of fresh air. And I know our Moncierge, Chantal, is a very special person because our cat even rolls over to receive a belly rub from her. And he's choosey!

Hahaha, that's very funny! I am glad your furry friend is also having a nice time with Chantal!

I have one last question for you today, about your experience with mtime. Do you have anything to say to future families that would like to use our Service; and why do you think having a Moncierge is a great addition for a family?

I think it's essential for kids to have a sense that their parents are surrounded by support and care. I also think [mtime] is waaaaaay cheaper than a divorce lawyer and much more fun than feeling resentful or nagging people to do their ‘chores’. Paying for the work helps us value it as a family and I like to hope it brings respect to the work which women have been expected to do unpaid for centuries.

The best part about having a Moncierge helping me is that I love knowing that our house is being treated with care and that there's mum-to-mum understanding, safe from judgement.

Having the support of mtime has also helped me spend time on my own creative projects.

I just want to say thank you for what you do and I'm so excited to see your mtime business going from strength to strength!

Thank you so much for your time today Naomi, and for believing in us! It's also thanks to you that we've come so far today. We can't begin to say how much we appreciate having you as part of the mtime family!

Interested in getting a Moncierge for your family? Click here to learn more about our Moncierge service.

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