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Meet our Moncierges: Marie

We interviewed our wonderful Moncierges, Marie, to hear about her experiences with mtime.

Meet our Moncierges: Marie

We interviewed our wonderful Moncierges, Marie, to hear about her experiences with mtime. We asked about the “ahhh” moments our Moncierges create for the families they work for, and why they joined us at mtime!

Our Moncierges are trained to strive to create “ahhh” moments for the families they're matched with. But what is an “ahhh” moment?

Well, have you ever come home from a really intense day at work to find that someone has already tidied up the house, made dinner and taken care of your chores? The relief of not having to do any additional work after such a busy day can be so nice that many of us will involuntarily let out a big sigh and say “ahhh”.. That's it!

Meet Marie


Marie Claire Imanishimwe.

Where are you from?

The Democratic Republic of Congo.

Why did you become a Moncierge?

Before becoming a Moncierge, I was looking for a job to do that would let me take care of my family, and I like supporting other people.

What was it like the first time you met your family?

Excited, a little bit nervous, but as I had the experience of working with families before; I was also confident!

What was a great moment you've had with your family?

When we gave each other gifts at Christmas time, this was the one of the happy moments I had with my family.

What are the typical activities you do with your family?

Activities I do with my family is general house cleaning, making beds, doing laundry, ironing, feeding pets.

What do you do to create “ahhh” moments for your family?

First of all, when you get a family you have to feel like it's your second home, what I do to them to create “ahhh”, I support them everywhere they need help not waiting for them to tell me what to do.

Why do you think self-care is important for busy parents?

Many parents today are overwhelmed with the stresses of their family life. Being a parent is not an easy job! You mostly dismiss even the most basic tasks of yourself, you may skip having a shower, having your meal because you didn't have time. All of these things may be affecting your health (high blood pressure, depression). It's okay to remember to take care of yourself, which is a very important step of being a better parent.

What is the best thing about being a Moncierge?

As a mother, working as a Moncierge gave me an opportunity to have the time of working and taking care of my family as well.

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