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Meet our Moncierges: Millicent

Read the story of Milicent - our moncierge from Kenya

Meet our Moncierges: Millicent

Letting someone new into your home can be a daunting prospect; and by the same token – entering into someone else's home for the first time can be an nerve wracking situation!

To show some perspective from both sides, we've interviewed Moncierges and families who use our service to paint a picture of who we work with, and what the mtime community looks like. In today's blog, we'll be sharing an interview of one of our amazing Moncierges, Millicent.

Meet Millicent

Millicent – better known as Millie – is from Kenya. Millicent to Melbourne in 2017 with her husband, who is undertaking his PHD at the University of Melbourne. Millie has a passion for cooking and loves to try out new recipes. She enjoys helping people and loves to make everyone's lives easier. She's a mum of three who has an extensive background in supporting roles. She has also previously worked in hospitality and cooking & cleaning roles.

Millicent is beloved by all of the families she's helped and is best known for her proactivity and professionalism. She joined the mtime team two years ago and has since worked with different families in ongoing and temporary Moncierge roles. Millicent is also a Moncierge Mentor – and helps the mtime team with onboarding new Moncierges by sharing her experience and expertise of the role.

mtime Moncierge Millicent
Moncierge Millicent

Read our interview with Millie below:

mtime: "Hello Millie! Thank you for being here today and sharing your story with the mtime community!"

Millie: "Thanks for this opportunity!”

mtime: "Okay, so my first question today is about self–care. Given your extensive background in the family care space, why do you think it's important for busy parents to have some family help?"

Millie: "Nowadays, I think it's important to have family support because when parents come home from a busy day at work they are exhausted. If someone like me was there to help them – once they're home they can spend quality time with their kids and have time with their families without having to stress about household chores. By being a Moncierge I have the opportunity to apply my skills, knowledge, and experience in helping others even if I am away from my home!"

mtime: "We couldn't agree more with you Millie, and you're doing a brilliant job! We often receive texts with compliments and notes of appreciation from your clients. What's your magic trick?"

Millie: "Hahaha there is no magic trick. I put my heart into the job and the difference is in the little things. Every session I always do something that I wasn't asked to do, so the family has a little surprise. This is my way of showing my appreciation. When I receive nice texts from the families it makes me very happy and I feel rewarded because it means I did my job well and they know I was there”.

mtime: "Your families are really lucky to have you Millie. Is it hard to get used to a family and build a mutual relationship of respect and appreciation?"

Millie: "Well, at the start it's always a bit tricky. Before the first session, especially, I'm always nervous and I don't know if the family is going to accept me. I am from Africa and come from a very different background than the majority of my clients, so I always wonder if they want to work with me given our cultural differences.

Even if the first session is always a bit of a rush, after that first session you start getting to know the family and the family you and everything becomes easy. I always become friends with the families. I love being a Moncierge exactly for this reason, I can do my job and help people and, at the same time, make new friends. Every family has a different story to tell and it's a great opportunity for cultural and personal sharing."

mtime: "Would you mind sharing an example of this connection with the families?"

Millie: "Of course! I have been working with one family for a very long time, two years, I believe. Last year, I received a call from the family and I found out that one member of that family passed away. That was such a sad moment for me because I lost a dear friend that day. It was really painful because I was part of the family and I shared the pain with them.

On a more cheerful note, another example is when I get to a family's house and I ring the doorbell, then hear the kids running up to the door to greet me. I feel happy knowing they are there waiting for me. I also had the kids helping me to make their beds and tidying their rooms. This means they enjoy staying around me and they feel they want to help me, that fills my heart with joy!"

mtime: "Your story is truly heartwarming Millie, thank you for agreeing to share it with us! We are so proud to have you as part of our mtime family."

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