Which household help is right for me?

A short guide to give you an overview of the household help available and what would work for you.

Deciding that you need household help is the first step to gaining time back in your week. 

But once you’ve made that first step, you need to determine the type of household help you actually require so you can allocate your resources to the area that is going to make the biggest difference in your day.

We know a thing or two about household help - it’s what we do everyday for our clients. So to help you, we’ve created this guide so you can navigate the industry jargon with ease.

In the guide you will learn:

  • The different type of household help available to your family
  • The costs involved in the different types of household help
  • How to determine exactly how much help you need each week
  • How to get your partner on board with hiring household help

Once you find the right household help it can transform your world. 

Rather than spending hours each week on chores, cooking and cleaning, you can spend more magical time with your family. With a few extra hours of childcare you can finally get on top of your work schedule and get your weekends back to enjoy with the kids.

Australian women are spending hours on domestic duties within their own home each week, on top of their paid work. By outsourcing some of those tasks you are gaining control back in your day. You have more time for the things, and people, you love. And that is priceless.

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