1. Our services

    1. What is a moncierge?

      A Moncierge is a family assistant trained by mtime to help parents with at home support and childcare.

      Moncierges can help with anything from cooking, housekeeping, and babysitting to household errands — all from one dedicated reliable carer personally matched to your family.

      For more details on exactly how a moncierge can support you and your family please click here.

    2. How does it work?

      To use our Moncierge service, all you need to do is visit our join page, choose how many hours of support you need each week, then fill in a questionnaire. On the backend we'll match you with a fully vetted Moncierge that suits your preferences.

      Once the match is locked in, you will be given an introductory phone call from your Moncierge prior to meeting and we will add an extra 30 mins to your first session for FREE so that you and your Moncierge can chat in person before they begin going through your checklist. You will also be sent a detailed bio, photos and a qualification checklist of your Moncierge before your session.

    3. What should I expect in the questionnaire?

      After you join mtime, you'll be sent an email with a questionnaire asking you about your home and preferences. It's detailed, but it helps us make the best match we can.

      The questionnaire will ask you for things like your laundry preferences, where your cleaning products are kept, if you or your kids have any allergies, and meal preferences. These answers will be used to create your home manual, which will act as a guide for your Moncierge on how to support you and your family in the best way possible.

      Home manuals reduce the amount of time you will need to spend orienting your Moncierge on how to do things and helps to ensure your expectations are consistently met as your preferences have been logged with the mtime team.

    4. How much does the service cost?

      Check out our dedicate pricing guide for more detail.

    5. What are the minimum hours?

      Each moncierge session must be at least 3hrs in duration and we have a minimum of 3hrs of service per week. This is to ensure commitment from your moncierge.

    6. Can I use my moncierge as a substitute for a cleaning service?

      We would not advise this. mtime is not a professional cleaning service, and our moncierges are not trained in detailed or deep cleaning. Instead, our moncierges can help with a variety of light housekeeping tasks. You can read more about this in our light housekeeping guide.

      If you require cleaning outside of what we offer, we are more than happy to refer you to a professional cleaning service. Your Moncierge can then help you maintain a tidy home moving forward.

    7. What if I need my moncierge to do out of home tasks, do they drive?

      Some moncierges do not have their own car or cannot drive. This is due to the cost involved in owning a car, and a preference for public transport. You'll be able to specify whether you need someone with a car or not in the customer questionnaire.

      If you need your Moncierge to help with out of home tasks but they don't have a car and are unable to walk, you are welcome to use the mtime Shebah account and we will charge you the cost. We don't do markups, but we do charge a $1.5 processing fee.

    8. Why do I have to pay a joining/annual fee?

      The annual fee allows us to offer you all inclusive support before, during and after you've been matched with a Moncierge. A concierge will organise replacements, be there if you need an extra session or last minute additional help, handle the processing of payments, ensure quality control, troubleshoot issues, take care of scheduling and more.

      Your first year's annual fee is covered by your joining fee.

    9. Can I have a trial?

      Yes you can! Every new family gets to try the service for two sessions before making a commitment. If you decide not to continue with our service after the two sessions, we'll refund 50% of your joining fee as long as you let us know you don't want to continue within five (5) days.

    10. Can I pause the service?

      Sure! You can pause at no cost for up to four weeks per calendar year. Every additional week you are paused incurs a $20/week holding fee.

      You can pause for up to 12 weeks at a time without repaying the joining fee. Pauses longer than 12 weeks will require you to repay the joining fee.

    11. What are the cancellation fees?

      After the two session trial period, there are no costs involved in cancelling your sessions and you may do so whenever we are no longer the right fit for your needs. We just ask for 72hrs notice before your next session.

      If you cancel your service before completing your two-session trial, you will forfeit the cost of your joining fee.

    12. Where are your service areas?

      We service anywhere within 10km of the Melbourne CBD and will be expanding this throughout 2020. Sydney, we'll be coming very soon - we've been getting your emails!

    13. What type of people do you hire to be moncierges?

      Our Moncierges come from a variety of backgrounds, but as mtime is a for-purpose business, many are women who are new or returning to the workforce. This includes women who are former stay at home parents, recent migrants and refugees, early retirees, university and school leavers, and career carers.

    14. How are your moncierges vetted?

      Moncierges are screened, reference checked and interviewed during our four stage recruitment process. They also complete a series of training modules and assessments once they join our team.

      We hire all of our Moncierges as employees meaning we pay them an award rate, super, and cover all insurance and workers compensation.

      In addition, every Moncierge has a police check, working with children check, first aid certificate and completes our food safety and child safety modules.

    15. Are you insured?

      Yes, up to $10,000,000

    16. Can I choose my moncierge?

      We don't currently allow the option to choose your Moncierge or do one to one placements, but we may offer this service in future.

      Our matches are based upon the membership questionnaire you complete upon joining and a questionnaire we have all staff complete upon hiring them. As a result, all matches are carefully considered in terms of competency, family lifestyles, values and needs.

      After each session, you'll be asked to rate your Moncierge to ensure that you are consistently happy with their service and behaviour. If ever there is an issue or you want to change your Moncierge, we'll troubleshoot the issue with you.

    17. Can I meet my moncierge before my match is official?

      We currently don't arrange meetings between clients and Moncierges prior to matching. Instead, we'll use the answers you provide in your membership questionnaire to match you with a Moncierge who meets your needs and preferences.

    18. What if I don't like my moncierge?

      Just let one of our concierges know through our messaging platform. We'll help you troubleshoot a solution and organise a re-match if required.

    19. What if my moncierge leaves?

      These things can happen, but our concierge team will be on hand to find a suitable replacement for you and brief them on how you like things by using your home manual. We'll also give you an additional 30 minutes with your new Moncierge at the start of their first shift so that you can get to know each other.

      These changes incur no additional cost to you.

    20. What if you can't find me a match?

      We'll refund your joining fee in full after 6 weeks if we are unable to find you a match. For more on this, please view our terms and conditions.

  2. Career at mtime

    1. What does a Moncierge do?

      As an mtime Moncierge, you'll be matched with families who will rely on your help for a mix of housekeeping, childcare and cooking tasks. Commitment to the family we match you with is the most important thing about this role. This is because your family will not only rely on your help, but they will consider you as one of their own.

    2. How do I become a Moncierge?

      Becoming a moncierge is a three stage process.

      1. Apply. If you make it through our recruitment process, you will be given a job.
      2. Become mtime certified. You will be asked to obtain compliance documents such as a working with children check, police check and first aid certificate, and also to complete training. You will be paid by mtime for training.
      3. Become a moncierge. You will start being matched with families and will receive a pay rise after three months, then again every year you stay with us. You also have the opportunity to become a moncierge trainer.

      From start to finish, it's about a three-four week process depending on how long it takes you to obtain your compliance documents and complete training.

    3. What do I need to be a moncierge?

      You MUST have at least one year of formal or informal experience running a family household, inclusive of completing cooking, cleaning, chores and childcare tasks.

      In addition, you MUST obtain the following compliance documents at your own cost:

      • Working with Children Check (Employee)
      • First Aid Certificate
      • Police Check
      • COVID-19 Infection Control free course completion certificate
    4. I only want to do childcare, I'm not interested in doing housekeeping. Can I still be a moncierge?

      It is extremely unlikely that you will only do childcare tasks, so if you only want to look after kids, being a moncierge is probably the wrong job for you.

    5. I'm a case manager, employment consultant, project officer, etc. can my clients work with you?

      Yes! Please email us at recruitment@mtime.com.au to arrange a call with our team.

    6. How do I begin the application process?

      You can submit your application here. If you're eligible to be a moncierge, we'll review your application and get in touch to have a phone interview with you.

  3. Additional Services

    1. Do you service parents of children with special needs?

      Yes we do! Please contact us to let us know about the specific needs of your child.

      As is standard practice for our service, we don't encourage the use of Moncierges for childcare straight away. This is because we believe there should be a rapport and trust built between our families and Moncierges first. For parents of children with special needs, we have the same policy.

    2. Do you do gift vouchers?

      Yes we do! Check out our gift cards options.

    3. How do I use my gift voucher?

      Just send us an email with your gift voucher we'll handle the rest!

    4. Do you offer full time Moncierge service?

      Unfortunately not. If you require more frequent sessions please email us on hello@mtime.com.au.

    5. Do you offer fortnightly service?

      Unfortunately we do not offer fortnightly service. Our minimum service is three hours per week.

    6. Do you do on demand Moncierge service?

      Only for our current customers. So if you join our community and ever need some last minute support, we'll have you covered!

    7. Where can I find your child protection policy?

    8. Where can I find your terms of use?

      Click here: Terms of use.

    9. Can't find the answer you're looking for?

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