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Stephanie Kinstler

An Open Letter To Our Community

At mtime, we know working mothers are some of the most time-pressured people in society, and we are here to help.
An Open Letter To Our Community

With all the talk around International Women's Day this week, we've been excited to see celebrations around the fantastic women in our lives - but at mtime, we don't celebrate women once a year. Instead, we prefer to look at making time for ourselves a priority and helping to empower others to do the same. Today we've been thinking about what it means to be a 'modern woman'. It seems that life is getting busier every day, and that time is of the essence.

For many families – and particularly working mums – it's a juggle to runa household, look after the kids, go to work every day and do it all with grace and mindfulness. Sheesh, it's enough to do just one of those jobs. Indeed, it used to be a one-woman-full-time gig. So, how can we manage to do it all? We can't. We can't keep going and going without some kind of impact. How can you expect to keep using your phone if you never stop to charge it? It doesn't work that way. And we need to remember that we need recharge time too.

One thing that can ease the load of life is to recognise that juggling all these aspects involves being able to recognise when we need help, and being able to ask for it — this is a real skill in itself. Whatever you need to do in life to fit some you time in, do it. Do it regularly! So often we hear women talking about feelings of being burnt out, too tired, too busy. Going to the movies once a blue moon by yourself, getting your mani done or doing a one-off-five-minutes-meditation are all great, but one offs are not going to do a lot in the long run.

We think removing some of the stress from every day life and learning to indulge in the delight of your OWN time is a necessity. We're thinking — a regular time when you don't need to worry — even just for an afternoon a week, or just being able to relax a little earlier for bed every night; knowing all the day's to dos are really done and dusted. What a dream! This International Women's day — we call you to action! Not only to thank the women in our lives who have and will continue to help us, but to think about how we can take ownership of our lives and make time for what's really important. What could YOU do to maximise the time of you and your family?

A moncierge can help by taking care of the kids, cooking and cleaning — even walking your dog. Our moncierges can provide life admin support for duties specific to your household. Through our careful matching process, we can find you that amazing person who can help give you some time back to spend on other things in life. If your moncierges doesn't suit your family, you can let us know and we can find another match — no stress required.

Mtime is an organisation mostly made of women — and that's why we're here. We know working mothers are some of the most time-pressured people in society, and we get it. You don't need our validation — but you have it! This International Women's Day, we thank you for being you!

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