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Our process is designed to be simple - we give you time back, we don't burden you with more life admin. Action the first two steps below, and we'll do the rest!

Sign up only takes 60 seconds - simply go to our sign up page and decide how many hours of service you want each week.
Complete a questionnaire to start the bespoke matching process. We'll use your responses to make the perfect match and create a home manual that will ensure your Moncierge completes your tasks to your liking. The matching process takes 3-4 weeks and we'll keep you updated along the way.
Get ready to meet your dedicated moncierge for a 2-session trial! You'll get their bio inclusive of safety checks, and we'll add an extra 30 mins to your first session for free so that you and your Moncierge can get to know each other without eating into your session time.

That's it! You’re all set. Sit back and enjoy weekly visits from your family assistant who will cook, tidy, do chores and care for your children (or your fur babies).

Before you start

Our families usually ask how much time would they need for their service. Answer a few simple questions to see how many hours of in home support you need to keep the household together.

Our pricing

For only $149 (AUD) your annual membership to mtime is covered and then you simply pay for as many moncierge hours as you need (minimum 3hrs/week and each visit must be at least 3hrs).

The hourly rate for a moncierge is $40 (AUD)/hour for every weekday between 7am and 7pm.
The hourly rate for a moncierge increases to $49(AUD)/hour for after hours on weekdays, and Saturdays.
Time and Rate
Hour per week
Cost per week
Weekday 7:00 - 19:00 AUD 40.00 per hour
AUD 40.00 per hour
After hours and Weekend AUD 49.00 per hour
AUD 49.00 per hour
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$ 40.00
Weekly total:


How does it all work?

To use our Moncierge service, all you need to do is visit our join page, choose how many hours of support you need each week, then fill in a questionnaire. On the backend we'll match you with a fully vetted Moncierge that suits your preferences.

Once the match is locked in, you will be given an introductory phone call from your Moncierge prior to meeting and we will add an extra 30 mins to your first session for FREE so that you and your Moncierge can chat in person before they begin going through your checklist. You will also be sent a detailed bio, photos and a qualification checklist of your Moncierge before your session.

Can I have a trial?

Yes you can! Every new family gets to try the service for two sessions before making a commitment. If you decide not to continue with our service after the two sessions, we'll refund 50% of your joining fee as long as you let us know you don't want to continue within five (5) days of the second session.

What if you can't find me a match?

If we can't find you a match after six weeks of sign up, we'll refund your joining fee in full.

What if I don't like my moncierge?

We'll help you troubleshoot a solution and organise a re-match if required. If you end up having a re-match, you'll begin the trial period again, this means you'll get another two sessions to test how things go with the new Moncierge before making a commitment.

Can I pause the service?

Sure! You can pause at no cost for up to four weeks per calendar year. Every additional week you are paused incurs a $20/week holding fee.

You can pause for up to 12 weeks at a time without repaying the joining fee. Pauses longer than 12 weeks will require you to repay the joining fee.

What about cancellation fees?

After the two session trial period, there are no costs involved in cancelling your sessions and you may do so whenever we are no longer the right fit for your needs. We just ask for 72hrs notice before your next session.

If you cancel your service before completing your two-session trial, you will forfeit the cost of your joining fee.

How are the moncierges vetted?

Moncierges are screened, reference checked and interviewed during our four stage recruitment process. They also complete a series of training modules and assessments once they join our team.

We hire all of our Moncierges as employees meaning we pay them an award rate, super, and cover all insurance and workers compensation - so we handle all management and liability for you.

In addition, every Moncierge has a police check, working with children check, first aid certificate, COVID-19 infection control certificate, and completes our food safety and child safety modules.

Are you insured?

Yes, up to $10,000,000.

Ready to come on board?

Now that you know how many hours of help you need, the next step is to signup and answer your questionnaire to start the matching process!

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