1. Learn the costs

2. Estimate time needed

Each time a Moncierge visits your home, it's called a session and each session has a minimum of three hours. During each session, your Moncierge will complete a mix of housekeeping and nannying tasks according to a task list of your choosing. For your first ever session, we'll give you an extra 30 minutes for a FREE orientation with your Moncierge.

Need some help with estimation?

Here are the average lengths of our most popular tasks. If you're still unsure after reading, don't worry, just call, text or email us and we'll be happy to help!

  1. Tidy (1hr)

    A tidy consists of changing your bins, picking up clothes and toys from the floor, wiping tabletops and surfaces, doing the dishes/loading the dishwasher, etc.

  2. Domestic Cleaning (3-5hrs)

    As a rule of thumb, each bedroom you have will mean an extra hour of cleaning (2 bedroom home 2hrs, 3 bedroom 3hrs, etc.). A detailed clean usually takes 50% more time than a domestic clean.

    Domestic clean Detail clean
    rubbish bins changed bins are sanitised
    general dusting individual items cleaned
  3. Laundry (1-2hrs) Laundry includes wash, fold, dry, hang or iron as needed (time permitting)

  4. Cooking & Meal Prep (1-2hrs)

    We require our families to provide recipes and ingredients for cooking, but we understand that it can be easier for your Moncierge to pick up the ingredient list for you. So our Moncierges can do grocercy shopping for you as well. Grocery shopping takes 30mins-1hr depending on the distance to the grocery store and how many items you need.

We will use your first week of service to establish the scope of what your Moncierge can do for you, and help you refine a weekly routine.

3. Become a Member

Sign up today and get your Monicerge within two weeks. You'll have two trial sessions and if you don't continue after the trial, we'll refund 50% of your sign up fee - just let us know within 5 days after the second session.

Your personally assigned concierge will be in touch shortly after you sign up to welcome you to our community and start learning your preferences. You'll only be charged for your Moncierge sessions once your trial begins.

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