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A service designed to ensure you won't need to lift a finger

A nanny won't clean, and a cleaner won't look after your kids - and even if you were to hire them both you still have dinner, errands and laundry to think about. Our Moncierges are an all-in-one family assistant who can handle all of your at home needs; while our concierge service takes care of the rest.

Your only ‘job’ is to reallocate the reclaimed time for family fun, exercise, sleep, study, reading, or literally anything you want.

Our Moncierges take care of:

  • Light housekeeping -  making beds, washing dishes, vacuuming etc.
  • Errands and chores - from laundry to ironing to collecting the mail
  • Cooking and meal prep - grabbing the groceries to having a full dinner ready for you when you get home
  • Childcare - babies to teenagers, a responsible caring adult for all minding needs
  • Transport - some moncierges have a vehicle for school drops off etc. If not, they can organise a rideshare solution like Shebah as a backup

Our concierge service takes care of:

  • A dedicated customer care representative to look after your every need from day one
  • Replacements covered - if moving house, or changing your days requires a new match, we take care of everything with no fee
  • Full flexibility to pause and change your weekly hours whenever you need to, we manage your booking as required by you
  • All contract set up plus all ongoing administration of your plan
  • Sorting your trial period, and refunding 50% of the sign up fee if you choose to cancel after your 2 introductory sessions

Get started in 3 steps!

Our process is designed to be simple - we give you time back, we don't burden you with more life admin. Action the first two steps below, and we'll do the rest!

Sign up only takes 60 seconds - simply go to our sign up page and decide how many hours of service you want each week.
Complete a questionnaire to start the bespoke matching process. We'll use your responses to make the perfect match and create a home manual that will ensure your Moncierge completes your tasks to your liking. The matching process currently takes 6-12 weeks and we'll keep you updated along the way.
Get ready to meet your dedicated moncierge for a 2-session trial! You'll get their bio inclusive of safety checks, and we'll add an extra 30 mins to your first session for free so that you and your Moncierge can get to know each other without eating into your session time.

That's it! You’re all set. Sit back and enjoy weekly visits from your family assistant who will cook, tidy, do chores and care for your children (or your fur babies).

Our pricing

For only $249 (AUD) your annual membership to mtime is covered and then you simply pay for as many moncierge hours as you need (minimum 3hrs/week and each visit must be at least 3hrs).

The hourly rate for a moncierge is $50 (AUD)/hour for every weekday between 7am and 7pm.
The hourly rate for a moncierge increases to $55 (AUD)/hour for after hours on weekdays, and Saturdays.

Here are the three most popular options amongst our current families:

Patch the leaks
For anyone seeking a little more free headspace and regular time to recharge.

3 hours a week
Sign up
Calm the waves
For those who want to maximise family time by removing chores from their to-do list.

6 hours a week
Sign up
Master the tsunami
For those who need extra hands to regain balance and control within their home.

10 hours a week
Sign up

You can easily adjust to the amount of hours that suit you on our sign up page; or use the calculator below to estimate your weekly budget to help get you started.

Time and Rate
Hour per week
Cost per week
Weekday 7:00 - 19:00 AUD 50.00 per hour
AUD 50.00 per hour
After hours and Weekend AUD 55.00 per hour
AUD 55.00 per hour
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$ 50.00
Weekly total:

You can also read all of the pricing related FAQs here.

Need help deciding?

We know the task of organising help itself is arduous enough! So we created a couple of handy tools to help you get clear on the best support option for you and your home.

Take our quiz to learn which type of household help is right for you.
Get a personalised estimate on how many hours of support you actually need each week.
Learn what type of tasks a Moncierge can do for you.
Wondering how long it typically takes to perform housekeeping tasks? Check out this guide.

Planning for the future?

Are you ahead of the game and planning for when baby number two arrives; or when a major study period will require you to knuckle down, or perhaps getting set as you transition back to full time work?

No matter the reason if you know you’ll benefit from a moncierge in the future and would like to drop us a note ahead of time, we’re happy to accommodate.

Drop us a note ahead of time

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