Family Assistants for Parents

Moncierges - Family Assistants

Moncierge are family assistants who provide at home support and childcare.

Our Moncierges are family assistants who combine housekeeping and nannying tasks into one role. They come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are former stay at home parents who have just returned to the workforce, others are post-graduate students from care and health related industries and others are professional carers or retirees seeking additional income. We hire all of our Moncierges as employees, meaning we pay them an award rate, super, and cover all insurance and workers compensation.

How we hire our moncierges



Potential candidates reach out to us via their local council or through our website. We then have a screening interview with the candidate to make sure that they have experience with domestic support and are aligned with our mission to support busy families. If the pass, they are invited to a group interview.



In the group interview we look out for individuals who impress us with their interpersonal skills, proactivity, care, quick thinking and ability to solve problems. We also perform background and reference checks for all candidates to make sure they are trustworthy and reliable.



Candidates who have won us over will then go through our training process before being assessed by one of our trainers. Creating career pathways is one of the things we pride ourselves on most at mtime so all of our trainers are moncierges who have previously worked with families of their own.

mtime is a social enterprise

As mtime is a social enterprise, a core segment of our team are recent migrants hailing from all over the world. We work with migrant communities throughout Melbourne and work hard to provide not only career opportunities for these groups, but an opportunity to join our culture of care and build connections with Australian families. To facilitate these connections, some families will have two people visit for their first session: a concierge to help with the orientation process and their ongoing Moncierge. The migrants we work with have ample experience in cooking, cleaning and caregiving roles and undergo the same training as every other Moncierge we hire.

We are an equal opportunity employer, and therefore we match our clients with Moncierges based on competency. We pride ourselves on creating meaningful relationships amongst people of all backgrounds. It is because of our focus on relationships that our Moncierges do not wear uniforms, as we want your relationship to be like that of a friend.

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These ladies really understand what is needed when a mother leaves the house and nothing has ever been too much for our gorgeous nanny. Couldn't recommend highly enough!

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