Our goal at mtime is to take care of parents, so that they can take care of their families.

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For our managing director, Sarah Agboola, the desire to support parents came from personal experience. When she was a teenager, Sarah's father passed away very suddenly. This left her mum tasked with taking care of a household, three children and full-time work all by herself, when what she really needed was someone to take care of her while she recovered from her own grief.

Fuelled by this experience, Sarah and her co-founder, Dr Yan Ting Choong (exited 2018), spent time conducting interviews and running product trials with people at all stages of the parenting journey. Along the way, they discovered that the Australian journal of social issues had actually defined working mothers of young children to be the some of the most time pressured members of society and that when mothers take regular time for self-care, they are likely to be happier.

These insights shaped mtime as it stands today and led to the development and launch of our signature Moncierges in 2017. A Moncierge is not just a nanny or a housekeeper, but a caretaker of the wellbeing of busy mums and dads. By regularly having their Moncierge take care of the domestic tasks that build up in a family household, the average mtime parent gains 8hrs a week of time back. That's a full working day of time saved that can be used to bond with their children and take time out for self-care.

mtime is a for-purpose business and gives back to the Australian community not only by supporting busy families but by actively recruiting recent migrants to join our Moncierge team. We work with migrant communities throughout Melbourne and work hard to provide not only career opportunities for these groups, but the chance to build connections with Australian families.

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mtime were fantastic in helping me find someone to help out around the house when I was pregnant with my second baby. They really care about their business and will seek out your feedback.

Deborah — Working mum

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