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Do you get the child care subsidy for a nanny?

While you can’t claim the child care subsidy for a nanny, if you are strategic about the type of nanny you use, the financial and other benefits are priceless.

We aren’t going to beat around the bush. The short answer is no, you can’t get the child care subsidy for a nanny.

But, often a nanny - or more likely a housekeeping nanny as we provide at mtime -  gives you so much benefit beyond simple childcare. When you look at the total picture of the service you are receiving, it’s not hard to see that you are getting significant value, and not just financially.

So while you can’t claim the child care subsidy for a nanny, if you are strategic about the type of nanny you use, you will have someone who can look after your kids… and also offer so much more. The nanny cost is offset by the additional benefits you are getting.

Smart outsourcing

There is outsourcing, and then there is smart outsourcing. 

It’s so tempting to try and fix a problem without looking at the bigger picture. You are struggling to keep up with the cleaning so you hire a cleaner.

Is that really the answer to your problem? Why are you struggling with the cleaning? Are there other household tasks - such as cooking or chores - that you would also benefit from outsourcing at the same time? 

Smart outsourcing needs planning to get it right. You need to think about your total needs before rushing in to hire someone. Start by taking our household help quiz. You might be surprised at the results!

The financial benefit 

There is no denying that the child care subsidy is a huge financial incentive that makes childcare more affordable for families. 

For those families who need long term care for their children while they are at work or studying, it is the perfect solution. 

However, during the time your children are at childcare, you still have a house to clean, meals to cook and chores to take care of.

If you look at the cost of each of these things individually it helps to put it into perspective. The cost of a nanny is anywhere between $25-$35/hour with a babysitter coming in slightly lower at $20-$25/hour. A cleaner or a housekeeper will charge $35-$45/hour and you can expect to pay $10-$15 per serving for a meal prep service.

If you are also looking for lifestyle concierge support for help with chores and life admin, that fee is upwards of $80-$100/hour.

Suddenly, the savings you get from the child care subsidy are all eaten up by the other household support you need.

Rolling it all into one housekeeping nanny

When you bring all of your household needs together under a single outsourcing solution, you have the advantage of being able to streamline not only your cost, but also the time you spend in management. 

You have a single point of contact and one person who knows how you like your clothes folded, understands the kids routine and can prepare the meals your family likes to eat. 

While you won’t get the child care subsidy for a housekeeping nanny, you will have more time back in your day. Your house will be clean and your meals will be prepared. Your kids will be cared for and your chores handled.

The beauty of a housekeeping nanny - or Moncierge as we call them at mtime - is that the service can be adapted to your needs. Obviously a Moncierge can achieve much more in ten hours a week than they can in three, but either way you can match the service to your needs and see real, tangible benefits.

Discover the mtime difference

If you’re ready to embrace the power of smart outsourcing and regain more time in your week, sign up to mtime.

We will partner with you to understand your requirements and match you with a Moncierge who will transform your week with a completely tailored service.

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