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Why a family assistant is a game changer for modern parents

A family assistant doesn’t have a single label like a nanny or cleaner. Instead, they wear many hats to support you and your unique requirements.

Every hour you spend on tasks someone else can do is an hour you can’t spend on tasks only you can do. It’s not a new concept, but it’s certainly one that we as parents struggle with while we try to find the elusive balance in our journey to reaching parenting perfection.

That’s not sustainable. And nor is it good for anyone in the family, not least the parent trying to keep all of the balls in the air.

What you need to do is to take a smart approach to how you outsource household tasks. You need a family assistant.

The impossible juggle of modern family life

If you list out all of the tasks you need to do in a single week, it’s going to be a very long list. More than just your individual work tasks, think about everything you need to do from work to the kids, household chores and more.

How many meals do you need to cook? How many hours do you need to dedicate to cleaning the house? What chores need to be done? Do you have any gaps in your childcare arrangements?

Yes, parents have always been busy… but modern life has only exacerbated that. The children are involved in more and more activities, expectations of workers are at an all time high and somewhere in the middle of all of that you need to manage a household and find time for yourself. 

The role of a family assistant

That’s where a family assistant steps in. At mtime we call them Moncierges and they are like angels who can come into your family and pick up tasks that don’t need to sit solely on your plate.

There is no single definition of a family assistant because the work they do for every family is different.

Some families will use their family assistant as a nanny after school to pick up the kids and organise dinner so the family can spend quality time together in the evenings without the stress of the afternoon rush.

Others will split their family assistant between light housekeeping and chores to put a tick against all of those tasks that otherwise wouldn’t be done.

For others, a family assistant is an extra set of hands who can fill the gap of cook, cleaner or nanny as the family requires.

That’s the benefit of a family assistant or a Moncierge. They don’t have a single label or nanny or cleaner. Instead, they wear many hats to support you and your unique requirements. 

You don’t need to find a nanny and a cleaner and outsource your family meal prep. You have all of that and more in a single person.

Finding the right family assistant for your family

A family assistant is a real game changer… but only if you find the right person.

Your family assistant needs to have the skills to meet your requirements. Their personality needs to “fit” into your family and they need to be committed to working with you.

They should share or respect your values and have a solid work ethic. This is someone who will be caring for your children - it’s important you find the right one!

You can tackle the search yourself… or you can turn to a nanny agency like mtime. We have been pairing Moncierges with busy families since 2017. We make it easy for you to get the help you need. 

When you sign up with mtime, we first get to know you and your needs and then we pair you with a Moncierge who will help you tackle your list and give you quality time back in your day. What are you waiting for?

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