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How to get your spouse on board with hiring a housekeeper

Our guide on how to convince your spouse you need to hire a housekeeper.

You’ve done your research, run the numbers and have arrived at a decision — you want to hire some help around the house. Congratulations! Recognising that it takes a village to raise a child is the first step towards claiming back some time, hours of sleep and let’s face it — sanity.

Now, there may be just one obstacle standing between you and your and clean, calm household— your other half! Convincing your partner that hiring a housekeeper is the right thing to do can be tough, especially if money is tight. Of course, it makes it easier that you can get an affordable, all-in-one solution through mtime’s Moncierge services. But if your significant other still needs some convincing, we’ve got a few simple suggestions for getting them on board.

how to convince your spouse to hire a nanny or cleaner
Acknowledging your partner's concerns is important in all discussions.

Pick your timing wisely

When it comes to swinging the conversation in your favour, timing is everything. While it may be tempting to spring it on your partner after they’ve had a long, stressful day at work (talk about striking when the iron is hot!), this can actually work against you. It’s also best to avoid bringing it up while they’re watching their favourite TV show, during an argument or in bed — it doesn’t make for the sexiest pillow talk!

Instead, find a time when can you have the conversation about hiring a nanny or housekeeper in private and without distractions. Of course, this is a rare scenario for busy parents, so it can be best to flag it with your partner ahead of time. For example: “I have something I’d like to chat with you about. Can you spare 20 minutes after dinner tonight?” This way, you’re not catching your partner off guard, either.

Come armed with facts and examples

Hiring a housekeeper is a big decision in any parents’ life and naturally, there can be a lot of emotion involved. However, in order to put forward a rock solid argument, it’s best to come from a position of logic, rather than emotion. Make sure you enter the conversation armed with plenty of facts about how the pros of hiring a housekeeper outweigh the cons. For example, many mtime customers gain eight hours per week of time back by having their Moncierge help with housekeeping tasks — a full working day of time saved!

It can also be useful to provide examples of other families in similar situations to you, who have reaped the benefits of hiring a housekeeper or nanny — or both! You can check out our Meet Our Community series with our current clients and Moncierges to read about how it has changed their lives.

Focus on the benefits of hiring a housekeeper

One of the most powerful ways to get a partner on board with hiring help is to paint a picture of what life would look like. How would it feel to come home to a sparkling clean house every day, with a delicious home-cooked meal on the table? How much more time would you have together each night as a family if you didn’t have to prep lunches or fold laundry? How much more present would you be with your kids, if you weren’t exhausted, stress and overwhelmed all the time? Would it bring you closer together as a couple to go on a date night every now and again?

Money is a renewable resource, but time isn’t — so be sure to focus on the incredibly worthwhile things you would be able to spend that time on.

Hear them out

Once you have said your piece, it’s important to take the time to listen to your partner. They’ll likely have questions and concerns, and you’ll want to make sure they feel that their perspective is being heard and respected. Rather than jumping in and interjecting, hear them out until they’ve finished talking. Then, you can acknowledge their concerns, and work through them, one-by-one. Below, we’ve listed some common reservations about hiring a Moncierge, as well as some solutions and answers you can offer.

I don’t want a stranger in our home

All of our Moncierges are fully vetted using a four-stage recruitment process that includes a written assessment, one-on-one and group interviews. This also includes a working with children check, police check, in house training, food safety and child safety protocol. So, you (and your partner) can rest assured your house and kids are in safe hands!

You will also be introduced to your Moncierge via phone before meeting them, be sent a detailed bio and get a free 30-minute orientation with them at the start of your first session.

We do not have for the money for it

Come into the conversation clear on what you believe the benefits of having some support will be. Then have your household budget at the ready to identify which expenses you’ll no longer have to worry about once you have that help secured. For example, if you have take-out for dinner some nights because you’re both too tired from work, you could reallocate that budget to having a Moncierge make a week’s worth of meals for you that can be reheated or slow cooked instead.

What if our needs change?

When you use an mtime Moncierge, you can add or decrease hours to your weekly schedule whenever you may need to. Many families start off with two 3hr visits a week to get a feel for the service then add more hours if and when they need more childcare support.

I don’t want to be locked in to anything

At mtime there’s no lock-in: you can pause or cancel or your plan at any time. We also have a trial period, and will refund 50% signup fee on cancellation during trial if you change your mind.

When in doubt try it out

On that note — sometimes, in order for your S.O to truly understand the value of hiring a housekeeper, they need to experience it first-hand. With our no-strings-attached trial, you’ll be able to determine whether Moncierge is right for you and your family. You’ll have two trial sessions and if you don’t continue after the trial, we’ll refund 50% of your sign up fee — just let us know within 5 days after the second session. You’ll only be charged for your Moncierge sessions once your trial begins. After the trial, you can cancel the service at any time. There are no cancellation fees or lock-in contracts. If you change your mind, you can cancel and rejoin without repaying the sign up fee for up to three months.

Ready to give mtime a try?

Our Moncierges are more than a housekeeper. They are the ultimate housekeeping nanny able to assist with light housekeeping, childcare, meal preparation and household chores.

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