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The things you need to consider when hiring a nanny in Sydney

Discover everything you need to know about recruiting, vetting, training, managing and hiring a nanny in Sydney.

Do you feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day? Are you tired of spending your evenings scrubbing dishes and folding laundry? Would you rather switch grocery shopping for park picnics? If so, you might be thinking about hiring a nanny in Sydney for your family. 

For many busy parents, a Sydney nanny can be a powerful solution to take the stress and strain out of running a household. With long commutes to the office, after-school activities and career commitments to juggle, having a trusted pair of hands around can save you precious time and energy during your week. 

Whether you hire a nanny yourself or work with a nanny agency, there’s plenty of hidden admin and tasks that can quickly eat away at your limited space time. To help you understand what’s really involved in hiring a nanny, discover everything you need to know about recruiting, vetting, training and managing a nanny for your Sydney family. 

Finding and vetting high-quality nanny candidates

Hiring a nanny in Sydney, or anywhere for that matter, is all about trust. You want to make sure your home and (most importantly) your family are in safe hands. Think about it like this: you wouldn’t hire someone at work without multiple interviews and reference checks, so why let someone into your home without following the same steps? In fact, hiring a nanny means following a similar (and often more in-depth) process as when you’re recruiting a new team member.

To get the best household help for your family, it’s important to spend the time researching, reviewing, and vetting potential applications. This process involves:

  • Researching and comparing different local suppliers (if you’re using a nanny agency)
  • Writing and posting job adverts (if you’re hiring a nanny by yourself)
  • Scanning all of the responses to create a shortlist of applicants
  • Meeting and interviewing multiple candidates to find your best match
  • Completing reference checks, nanny background checks, reviewing their qualifications, and gathering reviews of potential nannies

On top of juggling a full-time job and caring for your kids and household, hiring a nanny can be an incredibly time-consuming process. While you want to secure the most qualified and experienced nanny for your family, busy parents (like you) often struggle to find the time to dedicate to this intensive recruitment process. After a day racing between meetings and soccer practice, would you have the time or mental space to spend hours looking through potential nanny applications? 

Getting the admin sorted when hiring a new nanny

So, you think you’ve found the perfect nanny for your family. To make sure you’ve found the right fit, you’ll need to facilitate an in-home trial with your kids to make sure everyone gets along. If things aren’t going as well as you’d hoped, you’ll also need to go back to your shortlist and complete the same process again with a number of other potential applicants.

Once you’ve landed with your perfect match, there’s plenty of admin and paperwork to complete to finalise your hire. For busy parents like you, this means:

  • Securing insurance for your new nanny
  • Ensuring you’re across the relevant Sydney nanny costs including paying your nanny the right rates, tax, and employee benefits
  • Investing the time to train your new nanny when they start working with your family 
  • Organising replacements (often at the last minute) if your nanny is unable to work 

With so much already on your plate, the admin of hiring a nanny can be difficult to manage for busy Sydney parents. However, these steps are essential to ensure you’re on top of all the important paperwork needed when hiring a nanny for your family. 

Other things to consider when hiring a nanny in Sydney

After investing a significant amount of time and money into hiring a nanny in Sydney, you want to ensure you’re receiving consistent, quality service from a professional you can trust. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. If quality issues arise with your nanny, you’ll need to have plans in place to redress these concerns. This can be a complex and challenging process, especially if you handle the hiring process by yourself. 

Whether you hire a nanny yourself or work with a nanny agency, you’ll need to ensure their qualifications and training are up-to-date. Typically, these certifications need to be renewed annually and must be completed on-time to ensure their qualifications remain valid. From food safety to first aid certifications, these important qualifications require an investment of time and money from you to ensure your nanny understands the latest guidelines and standards.

Life happens and your family’s needs are likely to change over time. Whether you move to a new suburb or need to vary your hours each week, building a level of flexibility into your nanny arrangement is important. However, this can be difficult with many traditional nanny agencies who often require a consistent booking commitment from you week-to-week (and may charge an additional rematching fee if you relocate). 

In a similar vein, it’s important to find a nanny who is committed to your family across the long-term. In some cases, individuals will apply for nannying positions as a transitional role (either during their studies or when visiting Australia as an international student). Ideally, you want to invest your time and money in a professional who is looking to pursue nannying or childcare as their career (rather than someone who is looking for a short-term position to pay the bills). 

How the mtime way can help busy Sydney parents

Feeling overwhelmed by the process of hiring a nanny? You’re not alone. In fact, we work with many busy parents who are looking for a way to take work off their plate and unlock more quality time with their family. At mtime, we help hundreds of Australian families remove stress and save time every week with our fully-vetted carers who are personally matched to your family.

Every family we work with receives an all-in-one family assistant (a Monceirge) as well as a dedicated customer care representative (a concierge) to make sure your only job is to reclaim time for fun, exercise, sleep, study, reading, or whatever you love to do. 

Our Moncierges take care of everything from light housekeeping to errands and chores, meal prep, and childcare (for as many or as few hours as you need each week). Plus, our concierge service takes care of your contract, admin, finding replacements (free of charge) as well as organising your trial period (which means refunding 50% of your sign up fee if you choose to cancel after your two introductory sessions). 

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There’s a lot to consider when hiring a nanny in Sydney. From recruitment to training and finding replacements, it’s important to understand the time and energy you’ll need to commit to hiring household help for your family. At the end of the day, you want to use a service that takes work off your to-do list and helps you to secure a high-quality professional you can trust to care for your home and family.

Are you looking for in-home support in Sydney? mtime has just landed in Sydney! See how mtime works or sign up here. 

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