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Outsourcing, you’re doing it wrong

Outsourcing is the dream, right? You work hard to get to the point where you can offload some tasks from your plate onto someone else’s. Only, it doesn’t always feel like a dream, does it?

Instead, it feels like one more thing to worry about. Rather than being able to make space on your plate for the important things that only you can do, you end up with more headaches. And in the worst case scenario you revert back to the old line of thinking - ‘if you want something done properly, you have to do it yourself!’ 

If this is your experience of home outsourcing, we’re sorry to tell you but you’re doing it wrong. It’s brutal, but it’s true! 

Before you resign yourself to a lifetime of attempting to juggle the concrete blocks of career/family/personal balance, listen up because we’ve got the solution that is going to change how you outsource… and change your life in the process.

Home outsourcing is broken because…

… trying to manage multiple service providers and all of the ‘stuff’ that comes with it is <insert your choice of expletive here>. 

Firstly, there’s the hidden time cost in finding and managing providers. If you’ve got a cleaner, use a meal delivery service and then add a nanny to the mix, that’s three separate businesses or people you’re dealing with.

And that’s without even factoring the hard cost of using multiple providers. Sign up fees, insurances, recruitment fees, replacement costs, superannuation… and the list goes on.

Then there’s knowing what insurances you actually need, and factoring in things like Superannuation Guarantee increases or payroll tax. Plus, if you’re hiring both a nanny and a cleaner, you’ve got two base hourly costs to consider. It’s really starting to add up, isn’t it?

Headache, after headache, after headache.  

You need to reduce your mental load, not add to it

When you think about your reason for home outsourcing, there’s a good chance it has something to do with reducing your mental load. 

If you’re not familiar with the concept of the mental load, it’s all of the planning and organising you do to keep the wheels turning for your family. Booking medical appointments, shifting your work schedule to be home for the plumber, signing school excursion forms, deciding what to cook for dinner. That’s the mental load. 

Outsourcing, when it’s done right, is one of the most powerful ways to lift the pressure of the mental load from your shoulders and share it with someone capably trained in those time consuming tasks.

When it’s done wrong, it only serves to further weigh you down. 

Outsourcing the right way

If the typical way people approach home outsourcing is broken, what’s the alternative? 

It’s us! We’re the alternative. 

**cue banging drums and the arrival of our soapbox**

‘Us’ is mtime, the new (and frankly better) way of getting household help. We looked at the problem of outsourcing and knew we could do better. So we pulled it apart and put it back together to give families in Sydney and Melbourne a simpler alternative - that actually works!

The difference with the mtime way of home outsourcing is that we’ve considered those headaches - the hidden time costs, the additional financial costs and all the rest - and we’ve removed them from the equation. The result is home outsourcing that is simple, streamlined and so incredibly mental load reducing that you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t do it sooner.

How does it work?

Rather than outsourcing your cleaning to a cleaner, childcare to a nanny, cooking to a meal service and chores to say an Airtasker, we bring it all together into a single person whom we call a Moncierge. That’s right, one person to cook, clean, look after your kids and help out with chores. Now that’s the dream.

The benefit of outsourcing the mtime way is consistency. And that consistency has an exponential impact on lifting your mental load. You have the stability of the same person, week after week. They get to know your family and how you like things done. The more time your Moncierge spends with your family, the less you need to worry about those brain draining and time consuming tasks because they’ve got it covered. It’s seamless.

When it comes to insurance, tax, superannuation and all of those employment related tasks, we take care of it all. Through our subscription model you pay an annual fee and then an hourly rate for every hour you use the service. We handle the rest. This isn’t a hit-and-miss marketplace model. This is real, life-changing care.

Can you see the difference that will make to you and your soul-crushing mental load?

We take headaches and turn them into clear headspace and hours back in your week. Like we did for Georgia, one of our very happy customers who contacted us out of the blue to tell us just how amazing that clear headspace can be.

“Sherry makes my very busy life so much better - every Wednesday it's like a wave of peace has swept through a very busy life.”

It’s time to shake things up

That’s what we’ve done. We’ve disrupted the home outsourcing industry with a new model that our clients love.

If you’re ready to shake things up and discover the difference a Moncierge can make to your life, sign up today. 

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