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How to find house cleaners in Melbourne who do more than cleaning your house

Where do you find house cleaners in Melbourne who can also step into the role of nanny, cook and also take care of your chores? You’re in the right place!

Having someone to clean your house is the dream, right? No more scrubbing toilets and mopping floors.

But the reality for most people is that their household help requirements extend well beyond just needing to hire a cleaner. They may also need a nanny, a meal service and someone to help them tackle their never ending list of chores.

So where do you find house cleaners in Melbourne who can also step into the role of nanny, cook and take care of your chores. Well, you’re in the right place, because at mtime that’s exactly what our Moncierges do for our clients every day.

Start on the right foot

House cleaners in Melbourne are a dime a dozen. You can easily find a cleaner who can clean your house, and clean it well.

Finding a Melbourne nanny who can also fill the role of cleaner, cook and more, isn’t quite as straightforward.

Before you even start your search you need to know exactly what your household help requirements are. There is no point in hiring a cleaner for three hours a week if you would be better to split those three hours across multiple different tasks each week.

We have a range of tools which can help you to identify the type and quantity of household help you need. Our household help quiz will show you the type of household help that will give you the most time back in your week while our time quiz will give you a personalised estimate of the number of hours of help you need each week. 

Finding the right person

Once you know exactly what you need, you can set about finding the right person. Knowing that you aren’t just looking for house cleaners in Melbourne, but that you’re looking for a very specialised skill set can actually make it easier to select the right candidate from a pool of applications.

When you are clear on what the person will be doing, you can easily identify if an applicant is suitable for the job. 

The actual process you take to find the right person will depend on a number of things. If you want to handle the whole process, you will need to write a job description, manage the advertising, conduct interviews and then do all background checks before you actually hire the person.

On the other hand, you could use an agency like mtime and we will handle it all for you. We will work with you to understand your requirements and then match you with a Moncierge who will meet those requirements. Whether it is house cleaning, chores, cooking or childcare, you will have a single family assistant who can adapt to your needs.

Learning to let go

In our experience of matching families with Moncierges, the biggest challenge many people face is letting go. Often they will decide to hire a house cleaner because it is an easily defined task that is commonly outsourced.

Letting go of other tasks, like childcare, cooking or chores, is a little harder. The stakes are higher and there is a lot more emotion attached to the decision.

However, when you let go and take an all encompassing view of your household help requirements, you aren’t limiting yourself. In fact, you will find that you are gaining so much more quality time in your week.

If your Moncierge was to spend just a few hours each week on cooking or chores or even picking the kids up from school, what would those few hours convert to in your day? Not only that, how much clear headspace does it give you now that you have less things to worry about on your list? 

The challenge is to make like Elsa and let it go.

Your Melbourne household help sorted

If you’re looking for house cleaners in Melbourne who can tick so many more boxes, we’re here to help.

Our housekeeping nanny Moncierges will lighten the load and give you more quality time back in your day. They are vetted and insured and matched to your individual circumstances.

Sign up to mtime to discover why a Moncierge is the game changer you need in your life.

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