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Do you need a cleaner or a nanny? Here's how to find the right household help

Discover the three key questions you need to consider to find the right household help for your family.

Who is picking the kids up from school today? What do you need from the grocery store? When was the last time anyone put on a load of laundry? Phew, are you exhausted yet?

Modern parents are juggling a lot. From the demands of cooking and cleaning to raising the kids and keeping on top of the household errands, it's no wonder Australian women are spending an average of 5 to 14 hours on unpaid domestic work each week.

If you're ready to reclaim control of your to-do list and create more quality time with your loved ones, hiring household help might be the right option for you. But, what kind of help is going to be most beneficial for your household? We reveal everything you need to consider to find the right household help for your family.

What's the difference between a cleaner and a nanny?

The first step to finding the right household help is to understand what options are available to you. While there may be some areas of overlap, each type of household help provides a unique service. So, what are the core roles and responsibilities of each?

As the name would suggest, a cleaner's main task is to make your home sparkle. Their focus is domestic cleaning, including dusting, mopping bathrooms, vacuuming, cleaning kitchens, and more. You can choose to hire a cleaner to deep clean a specific room or clean your entire home. Plus, you can decide to book in for a one-off visit or an ongoing regular service.

When it comes to nannies, their main focus is to take care of your children. Typically, this involves tasks such as running errands, light housework, cooking meals, supervising your children while you're not home, and helping out with basic homework.

The biggest difference between cleaners and nannies is their primary role of responsibility. A cleaner is there to clean your home (but won't care for your kids), while a nanny is there to safeguard the wellbeing of your children (but won't deep clean your home). However, a mtime Monceirge can combine the best of both worlds by combining housekeeping and nannying roles to help cook, tidy, care for the kids, and complete life admin tasks, too.

Still not sure which type of household help is right for your family? Here are some helpful questions to consider.

What is your biggest household challenge?

To unlock the most value, it's important to clarify what is your top priority for hiring household help. Ask yourself this: what is your biggest household challenge?

Perhaps mounting piles of laundry are preventing you from carving out time to workout regularly. Maybe you'd rather dedicate time to family movie nights and park picnics instead of sweeping floors and preparing dinner. Or would you prefer to spend your weekends making memories instead of mopping the kitchen floor.

In most cases, there are a particular set of tasks or jobs preventing families from spending more quality time together. Whether that's cooking, cleaning, running errands, picking the kids up from school or anything in between, identifying this key household challenge will help point you in the right direction of which help is best suited to your needs.

What is your budget for household help?

We don't need to tell you managing the household budget takes serious time and effort. In fact, cost of living pressures rank in as the top source of stress among Australian households. That means its never been more important to understand the costs of hiring household help and setting a clear budget from the beginning.

We've created a pricing guide to help families understand what to expect from different types of services in Australia. From the hourly rate of booking a cleaner to understanding the investment of hiring a nanny, discover the average costs of household help in Australia.

Are you thinking about hiring multiple different types of household help for your family? It's important to understand the rates of each service and whether your budget can cover all of these mounting costs. If you're searching for a one-stop solution, a mtime Moncierge is trained to help busy families with at-home support and childcare for a single hourly rate and annual fee. To find out more about how a Moncierge can support you and your family, click here.

What household help will offer your family the best value?

Hiring household help isn't simply about having a clean home and happy children. It's about finding the best solution to help you spend more time doing the things you love. When deciding what household help is right for you, think about what errands, tasks and jobs are preventing you from sharing quality time with your family.

If you're struggling to make time for preparing nutritious meals for your family, a trained cook or meal prep service can be a great way to alleviate the time and pressures of cooking. If vacuuming and mopping floors aren't something you can find time to do, hiring a professional cleaning service may be a great option for you.

However, if you're looking for someone to keep your household running smoohtly, a Moncierge can be the perfect fit. We're like a nanny agency with a difference. Our trained family assistants can take those pesky errands and odd-jobs off your to-do list and make sure your kids are supervised and cared for while you're not around. For as many, or as few, hours as your need each week, a Moncierge can sweep in and take the reins to give you back the time, space and energy you need to be your best self for your family.

When it comes to finding the right household help, clarifying your goals, budget and lifestyle needs are the best ways to find the perfect fit for your home. Do you still need help deciding what support option is best for you and your home? Take our quiz to learn which type of household help is right for you below!

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