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How busy parents can benefit from household management services

Adulting is overrated. What you need is a Moncierge to take charge of your household management and give you time back in your week.

Adulting is overrated. When you’re a kid you look forward to adulthood as this magical time when you can eat whatever you want and go to bed whenever you like.

Instead, adulthood is often being buried under a mountain of bills, or laundry… or both.

If only there was someone who could help you with your life admin. Someone who could give the house a quick tidy, cook dinner and then pick up the kids from school. How amazing would that be?

We know how amazing it is because that’s exactly what we offer parents in the form of our Melbourne nanny service. 

But what we do is so much more than nannying… we offer a complete household management service that helps with your cooking, cleaning, chores and childcare so you can reclaim precious time in your week.

Lifting the burden

The burden of adulting and parenting is real. Everything falls on your shoulders… and it’s exhausting.

There is a never ending stream of dishes to wash, clothes to fold and mouths to feed. 

If you are a mum reading this you are probably unsurprised to learn that Australian women do an average of 5 to 14 hours of unpaid domestic work each week. And that’s on top of your day job. 

Our Moncierges - that’s what we call our housekeeping nanny angels - help lift that burden by stepping in to help with your household management.

They will work with you on the areas that you need help the most. If that is getting the kids off to school in the morning and then returning to do an hour of light housekeeping before preparing a few healthy meals for your family to eat during the week, then that’s what the Moncierge will do.

Lifting the burden of your household management is about tailoring a solution that works for you rather than providing a cookie cutter solution.

Giving you time back

What would you do with an extra three hours in your week? Or an extra six? Or even ten?

The reality is that when someone is looking after your household management for you, you will probably find you have even more hours back in your day than the hours they work.

Think about it, if someone has spent an hour or two preparing five meals for your family, how much time will you save in cooking each week? It would certainly be more than an hour or two.

Not only does that weight lift from your shoulders, but you now have more time back in your day. No doubt you will quickly fill it with other tasks, but the control is back in your hands. 

If you need that time to finish off some work so work doesn’t cut into your weekend family time then that’s great. Or if it means you can have a quiet soak in the tub once that kids have gone to bed, wonderful! That time is yours to spend however you want and need.

Single point of contact

If you make the decision to hire household help and decide that you need a cleaner, a nanny and a meal service to make your life easier, that will usually be three different points of contact you have to deal with. Any time you are saving is quickly eaten up in communication and logistics.

But, if you take a holistic view of your household management you will make the most of efficiencies and get a better result.

With a single point of contact who is managing your cooking, cleaning, chores and childcare, you minimise communication and have someone who understands the ins and outs of your family. They know how you like your laundry folded and your favourite recipes. They know that Wednesday is sports day at school and that your grocery shopping is done on a Monday.

Very quickly, that person will slide into your household routine and provide a complete service for your requirements. It’s all about a seamless experience that helps lighten the burden, not create more items on your to-do list.

Your household management in the best of hands

We have been helping busy Melbourne parents with their household management since 2017 with Sydney following in 2020. In that time we have helped hundreds of families to relieve the impact of work-family conflict with our Moncierge service.

When you sign up with mtime you are signing up to peace of mind and knowing that you will be matched with a Moncierge who will lift a heavy weight from your shoulders and give you serious time back in your week. 

Sign up to take the first step towards streamlined and simplified household management.

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