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Writing the perfect housekeeper job description

Your housekeeper job description needs to be accurate and detailed to attract the right people. Learn the key things to include so it is on point and effective.

If you’ve ever been involved in any type of recruitment, you’ll know that the difference between finding your perfect candidate and filtering through endless unsuitable resumes often comes down to your job description.

Finding a housekeeper - or a nanny housekeeper - is no different. Your housekeeper job description needs to be accurate and detailed to attract the right people. It should leave potential candidates with a crystal clear picture of the job so they can determine if the role is a good fit for them.

This is the best way to find a nanny or a housekeeper that is perfect for you. With that in mind, here at the key things you need to include in your housekeeper job description so it is on point and effective.

The tasks of the role

It may seem obvious to include the actual tasks in your housekeeper job description, but the reality is no two housekeeper jobs are the same.

For instance, you might be looking for a hybrid nanny housekeeper. Someone who can pick up the kids from school as well as cook dinner and do some light housekeeping. We call this role a Moncierge and it is a great solution for many families. 

Or you might want a housekeeper who plays more of a cleaner role. Either way, list out the exact tasks you will need the housekeeper to do so you can both have clear expectations from the beginning.

The hours of work

Again, the number of hours you want your housekeeper to work may seem obvious, but it’s still important to include.

You need to detail not only how many hours you want them to work each week but also if those hours will be in a single shift or broken up over multiple days. The more detail you can give, the closer you will come to finding the right person.

Particular skills and experience

This may not be relevant to your circumstances, but if you need your housekeeper to have particular skills or experience you should also list this in your housekeeper job description.

For example, in the case of a nanny housekeeper, you would ideally be looking for someone who has experience in working with children. If your housekeeper will need to drive they will also need a driver license. 

Information about your family

Hiring a housekeeper, particularly a nanny housekeeper, is quite a personal process. You need to find someone who will work well within your family home environment.

The housekeeper job description is your opportunity to tell potential candidates a little about you and your family. You don’t need to give away personal details but some information about who you are and what the housekeeper can expect from working with you will help to find the right person.

The application process

If you want your prospective housekeeper to jump through hoops in order to get the job, they need to know about it.

Whatever your application process, be sure to include it in the job description. If you want them to call or email, clearly include those details. Think about the information you will need from the candidates to help make your decision and be sure to ask them to include that in their application process. 

Let mtime take care of your nanny housekeeper recruitment

When you partner with mtime, you don’t need to worry about your housekeeper job description because we handle the whole process for you. From beginning to end, we will work with you to understand your requirements and then find the perfect Moncierge to meet your needs.

Sign up to discover our difference and how a Moncierge nanny housekeeper is the answer to many of your household help concerns. 

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