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Do you need a nanny or a housekeeper nanny?

You’ve made the call to hire a nanny… but is childcare all you really need help with? Perhaps you should consider hiring a housekeeper nanny.

You’ve made the call… we need a nanny! But is childcare all you really need help with?

From our research, we know that Australian families are struggling to find quality time together. Most of us are working more than ever, then there’s the housework and the cleaning and the cooking and the chores and the list goes on.

If you can relate to that list, perhaps instead of hiring a nanny, you should consider hiring a housekeeper nanny. 

The role of a nanny

A nanny is primarily focused on the care of your children.

They are generally skilled or qualified in childcare and have experience working with children.

You can either have a live in nanny - i.e. they live in your house and their salary reflects the accommodation, food etc. that you are providing - or a nanny who just comes to your home for their shifts.

What does a nanny do? The list of responsibilities will vary based on every family but as a rough guide these tasks may include.

  • Assisting with school pick up and drop off.
  • Playing with the children including educational activities and arts and crafts.
  • Following daily routines for sleep, bathing, nappy changing, toilet training and meals.
  • Washing, folding and putting away the children’s clothes.
  • Taking the children to after school activities.

The role of a housekeeper nanny

If you’ve not heard of a housekeeper nanny before, prepare to have your mind blown. A housekeeper nanny will do all of the above. They will care for the children… but they will also do so much more.

We like to think of the role of a housekeeper nanny (we call them Moncierges here at mtime) as covering the four C’s - cooking, cleaning, chores and childcare.

  • Cooking - a housekeeper nanny can prepare meals for your family. If you give them the recipes you want them to cook, they will follow the recipe and save you significant time in the kitchen each week.
  • Cleaning - a housekeeper nanny isn’t a professional cleaner so they won’t give your home a deep clean but they will do light housekeeping which includes things like vacuuming, making beds, hanging out and folding the laundry, washing the dishes and wiping down benches.
  • Chores - think of all the tasks that you do outside of the home that could easily be handled by someone else. From grocery shopping to trips to the post office, a housekeeper nanny can handle them all.
  • Childcare - you already know that a housekeeper nanny can fulfil the same role as a regular nanny. The benefit is you are getting the roles of four people wrapped up into one.

Defining your requirements

So how do you know which you need - a nanny or a housekeeper nanny?

It starts by defining your requirements.

Have a think about how much time you spend on each task - cooking, cleaning, chores and childcare - every week.

When you actually tally up the numbers you might be surprised at the total. Australian women spend an average of 5 to 14 hours on unpaid domestic work each week so you aren’t alone.

Once you have your total, think about what you are prepared to outsource and how many hours a week you will get back from doing so.

Our housework time quiz is a great place to start if you are unsure of how many hours of support you need.

Reclaim hours in your week with mtime

We have helped hundreds families to reclaim hours in their week through our Moncierge service. That’s time you can spend together as a family - or however you choose.

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