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Do you really need a live in nanny?

Before you call the nanny agency to hire a live in nanny, it’s important you think about the pros and cons so you can make the right choice for your family.

The idea of a live in nanny sounds life changing, doesn’t it? 

Someone who lives in your home who can help with your child care, settling the baby to bed and getting the kids off to school in the morning.

But as appealing as it seems, hiring a live in nanny certainly isn’t for everyone.

Before you call the nanny agency and get too excited about the thought of a live in angel who will transform your life, it’s important you think about the pros and cons so you can make the right choice for your family.

Pros of a live in nanny

The main benefit of hiring a live in nanny is that you - and your family - can build a really strong relationship with a single person. You will share a home, meals and many special family moments together.

For the children, having that stability is invaluable. And for you as a parent putting trust into someone to care for your children, having a strong relationship will give you much needed peace of mind.

Often a live in nanny will be more flexible with their time and can work in and around your schedule. This is particularly helpful if your work hours are irregular.

On the financial side, the salary of a live in nanny is usually lower than a live out nanny, because you are providing accommodation, meals and, in some cases, a car. By agreement, a live in nanny may also help out with light housekeeping duties. But this is by agreement only so there is a catch. If it’s something you are looking for, you’ll need to negotiate this from the beginning. 

Cons of a live in nanny

As amazing as live in nannies can be, they don’t come without their downsides.

The greatest of which is having a non-family member living in your home. If you are someone who values personal space and privacy, this can quickly become an issue. 

Even if you are comfortable with the privacy and space issue, if there is any conflict between you and the nanny, this can become quite awkward when you are sharing a home. As much as you focus on finding the right person, if it doesn’t work out, it can be very difficult to end the relationship while you are all living under the same roof.

Having an extra person in the home will also increase your food expenditure and electricity/gas/water/internet usage. Usually this is mitigated by the lower salary you pay the nanny so it may not be a concern. 

But then you need to consider how else you might use that space otherwise. Could it be a study? A play room? A spare room for family and friends? Does the value of the live in nanny outweigh the value of that space for your family?

Finally, if you are looking for housekeeping support from your nanny, you will need to discuss this up front. While some live in nannies are happy to provide this, others are not. If yours isn’t, you could be up for additional costs to hire a housekeeper.

Have you considered a Moncierge?

There is an alternative to a live in nanny. And that is a Moncierge.

A Moncierge is an all-in-one family assistant who can handle all of your at home needs. While a nanny won’t usually clean your home, and a cleaner certainly won’t look after your kids, a moncierge does both… and so much more.

Need a nanny to look after the kids while you are at work? A Moncierge can help.

Need someone who can cook up a storm and fill your fridge with healthy family meals for the week? A Moncierge can do that too.

Looking for help with light housekeeping or folding the laundry or picking the kids up from school? These are all things our Moncierges are trained to do.

At mtime we take care of the training and insurance for our Moncierges so once you are matched with your Moncierge you can start building a relationship from day one.

If you are unsure of the type of help you need, our household help quiz will help you find the answer. Otherwise our guide to household help will give you all the information you need to make the decision. 

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