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Four ways a Melbourne housekeeper can simplify your life

Rather than outsourcing to multiple different providers, why not combine your cooking, cleaning, childcare and chores into a single Melbourne housekeeper role?

Melbourne life is busy. We are always “on” and caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.

Ease is something we could all do with a little more of in our lives. But finding it isn’t always so simple.

Outsourcing is one of the best ways you can simplify your life… if you are smart about how you outsource. Rather than outsourcing your cooking to a meal service and your cleaning to a cleaning company and getting in a Melbourne nanny to help with the kids, why not combine those tasks into a single Melbourne housekeeper nanny role? 

Our housekeepers, or Moncierges as we call them, can do all of these tasks and more. And as hundreds of Melbourne families have already discovered, the benefit they have on their lives is a game changer.

1. Freeing up your time

Picture this… you arrive home from work and walk in the door to the smell of a clean house and a freshly cooked dinner. The laundry has been folded, the beds made, the kitchen cleaned and the kids have already done their homework. You open the fridge to see three more meals neatly stacked for the family dinners this week.

All that is left for you to do is to enjoy your evening, however you choose to spend it.

What a Melbourne housekeeper can achieve in three or four hours is actually quite significant. And you will probably find you get even more hours back in your day than the hours they work.

If they were to spend an hour on light housekeeping, an hour on meals, an hour on chores and an hour on preparing afternoon tea for the kids and supervising their homework, it would well and truly give you more than four hours back.

2. Getting to your wish list

You know those household tasks that you have been wanting to get to but just never do, like folding the clothes in the kids drawers or re-organising the Tupperware cupboard?

That’s what your Melbourne housekeeper can help you with. They can take those tasks that have been hanging over your head and tick them off your list.

Otherwise, who knows how long it would take for you to get to them. Ultimately, it will have a snowball effect on your life. Your wish list will get shorter and shorter, giving you even more time back in your week.

3. Organising your home

All of these tasks that your housekeeper nanny is managing for you have the wonderful effect of creating a more organised home. 

You can create a consistent pattern of tasks for them to do or you can adapt the tasks each week - it’s whatever works for you to help you achieve your goals.

While a Moncierge isn’t a professional home organiser, you will find that this is more of a cumulative effect they will have on your home. They can help to replace chaos with calm and get your home humming along smoothly. 

4. Removing stress

The stress of domestic work is real. Keeping up with the housekeeping, trying to juggle it all - work, the kids and the rest.

What a Melbourne housekeeper does is to remove some of the stresses from home. With more time back on your day and a more organised home, there is less pressure on your time and mental load. You have more control back in your week to do the things that are most important to you.

The removal of stress is one of the greatest benefits our clients report. It’s amazing what sharing the mental load can do!

Find your perfect Melbourne housekeeper

At mtime we make it easy for you to find your housekeeping angel. We work with you to understand your requirements and then match you with a Moncierge who can meet those needs.

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