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The benefit of using a Melbourne nanny agency rather than finding your own nanny

It doesn’t just come down to finding the right person, there are a number of reasons why a Melbourne nanny agency is the way to go, many of which you haven’t even considered.

Finding a Melbourne nanny is easy… if you know what you’re doing. You could go it alone, but from experience we know that you’ll get a far better result when you use a Melbourne nanny agency.

We’re here to support you through the process so you get the best possible result - a nanny, or a Moncierge as call them at mtime, who works seamlessly with your family to give you time back in your day while they care for your precious children.

It doesn’t just come down to finding the right person, there are a number of reasons why a Melbourne nanny agency is the way to go, many of which you haven’t even considered.

Checks done for you

When you hire a nanny, there are a number of nanny background checks you need to do before you make your decision. Some of those are compliance checks that you must do, while others give you peace of mind that you are hiring the right person.

A Melbourne nanny agency, like mtime, will handle all of those checks for you. From the Working With Children Check to the police, confirming working rights, first aid certificates and reference checks.

All of this can take considerable time. A nanny agency with experience in running checks will know exactly what to look for.

Replacements handled

When you handle your own nanny recruitment, and that nanny then leaves, whether it is three months down the track or three years, you are faced with going through the process again.

There is the cost to re-advertise, not to mention your time in sorting through applications, interviewing, conducting checks and then training the nanny on the job.

When you use an agency, finding a replacement is their job. At mtime we charge a $149 annual membership fee which includes finding a replacement for you if your Moncierge moves away or is no longer available.

Insurance coverage

Nanny insurance is a huge concern for anyone hiring a nanny. If something was to happen - even if it is a damaged tile or something worse - you want to know that you and your nanny are covered from an insurance perspective.

That’s the benefit of an agency. Our nannies all come completely insured. We don’t leave anything to chance.

If you go it alone, you’ll need to regularly check your nanny’s certificate of currency for insurance and ensure you have suitable household insurance. 

Employment concerns

While you would hope that your background checks would prevent any issues from arising, if you are independently hiring a nanny, you are technically their employer.

Not only do you need contracts in place, if any employment concerns arise, you need to handle them.

With a Melbourne nanny agency, contracts, concerns and other employment issues can all be referred to them. We are the ones hiring the nanny and you are our customer engaging us in a nannying service.

The Melbourne nanny agency of choice

Our clients love working with us at mtime because we are so much more than your typical Melbourne nanny agency. Our nannies are housekeeping nannies so they can help with not only the childcare but also the cleaning, cooking and chores around the house.

We handle everything from nanny recruitment through to finding replacements and act as a central point of contact through your whole time with us.

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