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How a nanny after school can transform your evenings

There are many benefits to hiring a nanny, one of many is the way in which a nanny after school can transform your evenings.

We see it all the time. Our clients come to us and say, “we need a nanny”... but they haven’t thought about what that might look like beyond needing childcare for the kids.

A nanny - or in our case, a housekeeping nanny - can have a tremendous impact on the time you have as a family.

There are many benefits to hiring a nanny, one of many is the way in which a nanny after school can transform your evenings.

The role of a housekeeping nanny

Before we go into the benefits of a nanny after school, it’s important that you understand what a housekeeping nanny is. For parents looking to get more time back in their evenings, a housekeeping nanny is the secret.

While a regular nanny will usually only complete childcare tasks, a housekeeping nanny will do that and so much more.

At mtime, our housekeeping nannies are called Moncierges. They can support you with the four c’s - cooking, cleaning, chores and childcare. 

A housekeeping nanny does more than give you peace of mind that the kids are well cared for. They lift the weight of your domestic burden to give you more quality time as a family.

An afternoon with a Moncierge

Imagine this. Your Moncierge arrives at your home at 1pm. They get started on preparing some meals for your family to eat this week. They cook a light curry and a bolognese sauce and cut all the vegetables and meat you’ll need to make a stir fry. 

While the food is cooking they do some light housekeeping. They fold the laundry and pack away the toys on the floor in the kids bedrooms. 

Then it’s time to pick up the kids. They drive to school, bring the kids home to eat afternoon tea and supervise them while they do their homework. 

At 5pm you walk through the door, passing your Moncierge on her way out.

While there is no typical afternoon with a Moncierge, this is a common scenario that we see with many of our clients. The joy for these clients is that their Moncierge can roll with the family’s schedule and provide a flexible service to suit. 

The benefit of a nanny after school

This scenario is so common because it sets you - and your family - up for a pleasant evening.

Dinner is prepared. And not just for that night, you have at least three nights of meals that you only need to reheat or toss together in a frying pan. 

The tidying is done. The laundry basket that has been staring you down all week is now empty and you aren’t nagging the kids to clean their bedrooms.

The kids are happy. They’ve had a great afternoon with their Moncierge. They were fed a healthy afternoon tea, their homework is done and the toys they’ve been stepping over for the last three days have been packed away.

This is the transformative effect of a nanny after school.

Without the Moncierge there would be more tension and stress to do all the things. In a few short hours, the Moncierge has lifted a huge weight from your shoulders and given you back precious time in the process.

Meet your perfect match

The scenario we talked about above only works if you have the right person working with you. At mtime, matching our clients to the right Moncierge is a role we take very seriously. We want to understand your needs - whether it is for a nanny after school or someone to care for your active toddler during the day - and find the perfect Moncierge for you.

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