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The ins and outs of nanny insurance

Don’t overlook the importance of nanny insurance! We explain everything you need to know.

Nanny insurance is the backup plan you hope you never need. 

It gives you peace of mind and security in your decision to have a nanny. But often nanny insurance is something overlooked by both parties. 

Don’t make that mistake. We explain the ins and outs of nanny insurance as a key factor in your nanny cost and hiring decisions.

Why your nanny needs nanny insurance

The onus of obtaining nanny insurance is actually on the nanny. The insurance covers them in the case of an accident that causes either damage or harm to your home, property or a person while they are carrying out the duties of their job. 

The nanny insurance protects both you and the nanny against damages and costs that may arise from an incident.

Of course those aren’t easy things to think about, and you hope that the insurance is not something they will ever need to claim against but it is essential they have it.

At mtime, we provide insurance for all of our Moncierges so you can rest assured they are covered as required.

What nanny insurance covers

There are a number of different types of insurance that fall under the nanny insurance umbrella. These are:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance to provide compensation for medical expenses if your nanny is injured during the course of their work.
  • Public Liability Insurance to cover legal and medical expenses for any injury or damage arising from incidents where the nanny is found to be negligent.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect against civil claims where the nanny is found to have breached their professional duty.

While there are too many possible scenarios to list here, the types of incidents these insurances will cover include:

  • If your nanny slips on your floor while they are working and sustains an injury.
  • The nanny knocks over a candle which starts a fire in your home.
  • Your nanny makes an error while running an errand for you and that error results in significant financial loss for your family.

None of this information is designed to scare you. The likelihood of any of these things happening is low, but you do need to be aware of why nanny insurance is so important.

Protecting your family and your home

In addition to your nanny seeking insurance coverage, you will also need to check with your insurance company that you have the appropriate insurance for home workers. 

This may already be included in your home and contents insurance policy for things like tradespeople working in your home but it’s always best to check. A quick phone call could save you in the event of an incident.

Likewise, if your nanny will be using your car, it’s worth a call to your insurance company to confirm if you need to add their name to your policy.

Get peace of mind with mtime

We understand the critical importance of nanny insurance. And that’s why we provide that coverage for all of the Moncierges who work with us. We are in the business of lifting weight from your shoulders - not adding more to it!

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