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Stephanie Kinstler

Three key expectations to have of your nannying agency

Learn our recommended top three expectations when you consider working with a nannying agency.

Deciding to onboard some help at home and taking on a nanny can be both exciting and daunting. Once you've decided what help will suit your family (whether it be a nanny, au pair, cook, cleaner or all of the above!), the next step will be finding your family's perfect match.

There are an overwhelming number of nanny agency choices in Sydney and Melbourne. But, not all are equal. It's important to feel confident, comfortable, and safe in the hands of the agency you choose; with an ease to all communication along the way.

Our recommended top three nannying agency expectations to keep in mind are:

1. Health, safety and happiness is the top priority.

Your child's health and safety must always be number one. The nannying agency you choose must be able to demonstrate values that align with how you raise your family; ensuring you feel a sense of trust, respect and commitment. The nanny you select should be warm, caring, mature and able to supervise your child without any worry from you. He or she will ensure that at all times, the health and safety of your child comes first; regardless of any other task that needs doing – just as you would. Your nanny should care for your family like his or her own.

2. Comprehensive vetting and training is already done.

Your nanny must already be fully vetted and trained. At mtime, for example, there is a lengthy and comprehensive process to onboarding Moncierges – starting with screening, reference checking, interviews, training modules and assessments. Of course, every nanny should also have passed a police check, have a working with children check, and a first aid certificate (which should be renewed regularly). At mtime we have also created a bespoke food safety and child safety certification.

3. The nannying agency will support your family now and in future.

You should expect your nannying agency to support you not only in the initial stages, but throughout the entirety of your time together. The agency should be professional, warm and be willing to help you find the perfect match for your family – as well as supporting you should any issues arise along the way.

Even if things start out well, some agencies will charge a fee to find a replacement if you decide your current nanny isn't working out. Some will include it, but it's worth really reading into the fine print and FAQs of your agency to see where you stand in case something doesn't go to plan.

A balance of factors will help you choose what's right for you.

The nannying agency should have all aspects covered legally and morally. At mtime, we are fully insured for any in home accidents that might crop up with our clients. If your agency won't cover you for accidents in–home – then you'll be liable to front the bill.

We also consistently invest in our Moncierges with ongoing support and training to ensure the most optimum outcomes are achieved – for all parties. We operate with the wellbeing of our employees as a top priority, and by creating a supportive work environment, we can keep our employees with us for longer. For our clients and our business, this means stability and the opportunity to build great working relationships together.

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