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How to determine which nannying services you need for your family

When hiring a nanny you need to be really clear on the nannying services you need so you can find the right person from the beginning.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a Mary Poppins fantasy land where you simply need to utter the words “we need a nanny” and the perfect nanny floated down from the sky?

When you use an agency like mtime, that’s almost what happens, minus the flying and instant appearance of said nanny.

Whatever approach you take, whether you use a nanny agency or go it on your own, you need to be really clear on the nannying services you need so you can find the right person from the beginning.

Consider the age of your children

It may seem obvious, but the age of your children is a huge determining factor in the nannying services you need. If you have a baby, you’ll likely need a more hands-on nanny than if you have school age children. 

The nannying services you need for a newborn baby may include night nanny services or sleep and settling support. For older children, the nanny may simply be required to transport the children between activities or to supervise homework after school.

Ideally if you are looking for a long term nanny you may also want someone who is multi-skilled to evolve with your family over time.

Look at your total requirements

There are some nannies who will offer more than just caring for your children. This service might be called a housekeeping nanny, or at mtime we call them Moncierges.

Rather than just outsourcing your childcare, you may be able to wrap all of your household help - including chores, cooking and cleaning - into a single job description.

These additional nannying services will vary greatly from agency to agency or nanny to nanny. It’s helpful to walk into your nanny search with a total picture of your requirements rather than trying to add light housekeeping to the role and then discover that isn’t a service your nanny can provide. 

The mtime household help quiz is a good place to start to help you think about what you might need. The possibilities are actually quite exciting!

Establish your budget

Your budget is something you need to be realistic about. 

It may be great to have a long list of nannying services, but to then have to narrow them down to match the amount you have to spend isn’t going to be a super fun process.

A Moncierge is a great value option for many families. For an annual membership fee of $149 you will be partnered with a Moncierge who will slide into your family and support you with your household help for $40 per hour.

When you consider that you are getting a nanny, a cleaner, a cook and someone to help with your chores at that price, it represents excellent value for money.

Complete nannying services tailored to you

Our nannying services are comprehensive and bespoke to each individual family. Our Moncierges are flexible across a range of tasks - cooking, cleaning, childcare and chores - to help give you precious time back in your day.

Sign up to take the first step towards household management freedom. 

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