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The life-changing magic of three hours a week

Every week you get 168 hours. It sounds a lot... but when you consider you spend 40-50 of those hours sleeping (if you’re lucky!) plus work, taxiing the kids around, trying to stay on top of the housework and chores, there isn’t a lot of time left for, well, anything really.

What would you do if someone gifted you an extra three hours every week? We’re not talking an average three hours here. We mean three hours of mental-load reducing, dedicated home help to use as you need. 

What if those three hours then grew arms and legs? You’ve got more time back in your day, your never-ending to-do list rapidly starts to shrink and suddenly you’re not having to race home to face an evening of dinner prep and homework. It’s been taken care of.

Finding someone who can float in to seamlessly manage your household sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Pinch yourself because it’s not a dream.

It’s actually not about the hours

The extra hours are great. Whether you have three hours or 10, having an extra set of hands around the house is bloody brilliant… but that’s not what it’s about.

We know because giving busy parents extra time in their week is what we do. Our Moncierges (what we call our housekeeping nannies) go into a family and help to pick up the slack, relieve the pressure and change your world… seriously. Not only do we match the family with the right Moncierge, but then we manage scheduling and everything else as a one-stop-shop solution.

8.7/10 of our wonderful clients told us that having a Moncierge increases their capacity to focus on family bonding. The washing is folded, the dinner is cooked and their list of all the things is dramatically reduced. So not only do they not have to do those things, but their mental load is lightened.

Life. Changing.

As the weeks go on and their same Moncierge comes back week after week, the effect is even greater. The Moncierge knows exactly how their household runs and steps in to fill the gaps. Seamlessly.

In your mind you’re probably already starting to build a list of all the things your Moncierge can do, aren’t you?

It’s YOUR time

While you’re building that list of tasks, think about how you will spend the time you get back. Not just the three hours while your Moncierge is working their magic, but also the hours you will get back in your day not having to do the groceries or wash the bedsheets.

The beauty of our model is that the time you get back, and the time you have with your Moncierge, is your time. If you need your Moncierge to cook up a storm one week and care for the kids the next then that’s what they will do.

Our clients told us that they spend their extra time relaxing with the kids and fitting in time for regular exercise. Their weekends are no longer taken up with doing jobs around the house and they can spend time as a family doing hobbies or sports.

For 8.7/10 of our clients, having a Moncierge increases their capacity to focus on employment. They are returning to full-time work and running successful businesses. As one of our clients said, “I have more time to invest in work. It’s an absolute pleasure to come home after a days work to a clean and tidy home.”

Sure, a cleaner can give you that. But that’s all they can give you. They can’t also pick up the kids from school and pick up your parcels from the post office or give the pantry a long-overdue cleanout. A Moncierge can.

“It’s the time that you get back that is the value,” explained mtime client, Jessi. “As a first-time parent there’s this thing I’m going through now and it’s a constant balance of trying to ensure that I’m spending quality time with my son, the house is being run, I’m getting everything done that needs to be done and also getting time for myself… Having a Moncierge here has helped me get that balance back.”

A woman’s work is never done

But wouldn’t it be nice if you had a little reprieve? If even one of the plates you are spinning could slow down enough to pass to someone else. That would be like winning the lotto right? Life-changing… but actually attainable. 

That’s why we exist. To ease the pressure. To support the families who are trying to juggle more balls than they can carry and help them to catch the ones that fall. To be a new and (frankly) better way of getting in-home help. 

We give you a cleaner, a cook, a carer and an extra set of hands for chores, all rolled into one amazing person.

To discover the difference three hours can make in your week, sign up to mtime. We’ll find you the perfect Moncierge for your family so you can stop dreaming and start reclaiming time in your week for the things that matter most to you.

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