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The secret to unlocking quality time with your family

Do you wish you had more hours in the day? This is the conundrum faced by the majority of Australian households. With endless competing deadlines, finding the time to do more of what we love can feel like a constant challenge.

While running a household can seem like a never-ending to-do list, there is a simple solution to help you unlock more quality time with yourself and your family.

The magic of outsourcing

We make over 35,000 decisions every day. For most of us, this starts from the moment our alarm goes off. Do you have time to have a shower before the kids get up? Who is driving them to school today? What are we having for breakfast?

The more responsibility we take on, the more decisions we have to make. While many of these daily choices happen in an instant, the decision to ask for help is often fraught with stress, anxiety, and guilt. We get it: society tells us we should be able to Do It All and juggle endless competing priorities all day, every day. But what if there was another way?

That’s where the magic of outsourcing comes in. Hiring a trusted professional to keep your household running smoothly is the secret ingredient to unlocking more quality time with your family. By having an expert pair of hands-on-deck, you’ll reclaim the essential time, energy, and space you need to show up for your family as your best self.

And you already understand how beneficial sharing the load can be. As managers and leaders, we know the importance of playing to our strengths and delegating tasks to ensure we’re managing our time at work wisely. The secret to becoming a better boss is to invest and trust in our team to get the job done, and the same goes for delegating our household tasks.

Ready to reclaim control of your household to-do list? Let’s look at three reasons why your family will benefit from outsourcing your household tasks.

Benefit 1: Less time cleaning, more time living

What is stopping you from spending an afternoon at the beach? Would you rather say yes to an impromptu movie night instead of scrubbing dishes? How about swapping grocery shopping for Saturday mornings kicking the soccer ball at the park?

While there are numerous practical benefits to hiring household help, unlocking the time to create lifelong memories is by far the biggest win. With the pressures of errands, cooking, cleaning, and household tasks off your plate, you’ll have the time and space to dedicate to what you value most: quality family time.

That means getting outdoors for picnics, hikes, and playtime in the sun and never missing another weekend sports match again. By investing in a few hours of household help each week, you’ll reap the rewards with more opportunities to laugh, play, and connect as a family. It’s all about having the time and space to add the magic and fun back into every day.

Benefit 2: A modern solution for modern parents

We’re all searching for smarter ways to optimise our daily routine. In fact, one in five Australians use wearable tech (such as smartwatches) to take calls on-the-go and keep us moving throughout the day. With tech by our side, we’re able to complete everyday tasks and errands faster than ever before, freeing up precious time to do more of what we love.

This is the next key benefit of outsourcing household help: giving modern parents a smart, savvy solution to get on top of the household to-do list. With more Australian mothers choosing to go back to work after having kids (up from 30% in 1984 to 63% in 2019), finding solutions that meet the needs of modern-day parents has never been more important.

With professional household help, busy parents (like you), will be able to reduce household stress and save time every week. It’s the smartest decision you can make to give your family the best version of you.

Benefit 3: Reduces stress for a happier, healthier household

Keeping the household running smoothly requires more than just sweeping, mopping, and cooking nutritious meals. There’s an invisible layer of work that goes alongside managing the household. Call it “worry work”, “cognitive labour”, or “the mental load”, the mental gymnastics of overseeing household errands can be just as exhausting as the physical work itself.

We’ve all experienced it: the never-ending mental to-do list of errands, remembering when to swing by the grocery store, and delegating tasks to the family. And this extra level of work has a direct impact on our mood and energy levels, with studies revealing 52% of women are facing burnout from the responsibilities of the mental load.

But, there is another way. By investing in professional household help, parents like you can rest easy knowing the household is in safe hands. Not only does this take tangible tasks off your plate but also alleviates the stress and strain of carrying this burden alone. Plus, asking for help is the first step towards fostering better mental health (and can help you carve out important ‘me time’ during your week).

Getting on top of your household to-do list means reaching out and asking for help. With professional household help by your side, you’re choosing a smart, savvy solution designed for modern parents that can help to reduce stress and create opportunities for quality family time.

Ready to embrace the benefits of outsourcing your household help? Discover exactly how many hours of help you need with our online calculator.

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