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What does a nanny do?

If you’re in the process of hiring a nanny, before you go any further it’s really important you understand the role of a nanny and how they can help your family.

Is your picture of a nanny something akin to Mary Poppins? Or Nanny McPhee? Or perhaps you think of Robin Williams’ comical Mrs Doubtfire? 

The reality is often far different from what is depicted in the movies. And at mtime, we’re a little different from your regular nanny agency. Our nannies are housekeeping nannies so they will go above and beyond the role of a regular nanny. But we’ll explain what that means later.

If you’re in the process of hiring a nanny, before you go any further it’s really important you understand the role of a nanny and how they can help your family.

The role of a nanny

To answer the question of what does a nanny do, it is primarily childcare but it is really anything related to the children in their care. 

That can include tasks like:

  • Settling younger babies and toddlers to sleep for naps or older children for bedtime.
  • Dropping off and collecting children from school.
  • Organising educational activities as well as arts and crafts.
  • Reading to or playing with the children.
  • Preparing meals and feeding the children.
  • Washing, folding and putting away the children’s clothes.
  • Managing daily routines including bathing, changing nappies and assisting with toilet training.

This all depends on the skills of the nanny and the tasks that you agree with them up front. Some nannies will be happy to help with cleaning and light housekeeping while others will not.

Next level nannies

That brings us to a nanny alternative - a nanny housekeeper. At mtime we call them Moncierges.

Essentially, a Moncierge can fulfill the same role as a nanny, but they can also help with cooking, cleaning and chores. 

A nanny housekeeper isn’t a replacement for a cleaner or a home chef. They will help with light housekeeping - e.g. general tidying, cleaning dishes, folding laundry, wiping down surfaces and vacuuming - but won’t do a deep clean.

The benefit of a housekeeping nanny is that you have the flexibility of a multi-skilled person who can adapt to the needs of your family each week. During the school term they may spend two hours on light housekeeping and meal preparation before picking the kids up from school… but then during the school holidays they dedicate their time to caring for the kids.

Defining your needs

It’s one thing to ask the question, what does a nanny do? But the question you really should be asking is, what do I need a nanny to do for my family?

If you are only looking for support with childcare, a nanny will do the job beautifully.

However, if you think you will need more than a nanny can offer you should look at an alternative household help option such as a nanny housekeeper. 

You may not have a clear picture of exactly what it is you are looking for and now is the time to figure that out. If you need some help defining your needs, our household help quiz is a great place to start.

Armed with your list of needs you can then set about finding the right person from the start.

Find your perfect Moncierge match

We make the process of finding a nanny much simpler by managing it all for you. We get to know you, your family and what you are looking for… and then we match you with a Moncierge who will give you precious time back in your day.

Our Moncierges all have police checks, working with children checks, first aid certificates and have undertaken training in working with children and other essential nanny housekeeper skills. Learn more about how mtime works and take the first step towards your new found quality family time.

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