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Rebecca Kraut

Start up mtime, launches their Moncierge service into Sydney with a push to provide stressed out Australian families with the care they need

April 8, 2021

Impact tech startup mtime, announces expansion into Sydney, creating more opportunities for jobs in the care industry.

Melbourne born startup mtime, today announced its expansion into the Sydney market. This is the second major Australian city now being serviced by the business who provide moncierges (in-home assistants) to reduce the acute and persistent stresses experienced by time poor families.

Mtime started back in 2017 on a mission to help busy working parents reclaim time and balance into their life by matching them with a moncierge; an in-home family assistant to support the parents with what they deem the four critical C's - cooking, cleaning, chores and childcare.

The schedule of the Sydney launch was pulled forward in light of recent times; as demand on parents working from home while tasked with home-schooling, increased workloads for COVID response projects, alongside the usual unpaid work hours to manage a household has stretched many families to breaking point.

As explained by CEO and Founder, Sarah Agboola, "We've always been committed to a culture of care both internally and externally; and with everything happening in the world right now, it's even more important that families are able to get help when they need it in order to create space and time for them to feel connected and energised as a family unit."

mtime have announced a target of returning one million hours of quality time back to Australian homes to relieve the impact of work-family conflict. The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA), Living in Australia 2019 report measures work-family conflict based on family gains and strains; gathering data via questions such as: 'Working causes me to miss out on some of the rewarding aspects of being a parent'; 'Working leaves me with too little time or energy to be the kind of parent I want to be'; or 'Because of the requirements of my job, my family time is less enjoyable and more pressured'.

"Some people call it parent burnout, or reference the four burners theory; either way we know that juggling increasing professional demands while running households, raising kids was hard enough; throw in a global pandemic and we find ourselves at a crossroad. It's a pivotal time for a re-set on how we care for each other - otherwise families won't survive, let alone thrive," Sarah, says.

Although identifying as a player in the wellbeing movement, mtime aims to deliver a real, tangible solution - especially for women who are still bearing the brunt of a heavier load of unpaid work in the home. Despite the pandemic introducing both parties being at home more frequently, the split of paid and unpaid work is still burdening working women with the delta between weekly hours given by men vs women actually increasing.

"This is why our Moncierges go above and beyond to care for our clients - they truly understand better than most," explains Sarah, "as they're predominantly women whom have first hand experience and know-how on what it takes to run a household."

Mtime has created a proprietary recruitment process helping create employment opportunities for women new and returning to the workforce. It's intentional and recognises that the kind of tasks defined as unpaid labour are currently and frequently undervalued, despite making a huge difference in the day to day lives of many families. Sarah says, "We see our families bond with their Moncierges for a number of reasons, but it's always underpinned by a healthy respect that this role is priceless, especially when the result is better balance and more family time."

The process was recently fully digitised to accelerate their launch in the capital city of NSW. "We simply couldn't wait any longer before getting this support network to more families across the country. A million hours of quality time may sound like a ridiculous mission, but if you spread that over the number of families that will benefit from a little care and support each week - the math stacks up very quickly" Sarah says. mtime also provides a full concierge service to manage the customer experience and administration related to having in-home assistant. "I'm dreaming of a time when asking for help is normalised and families have time to focus on each other and self-care. What that happens, I think we'll see such a shift in mental health and wellbeing that we'll look back in shock that we ever lived differently", exclaimed Sarah.


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About mtime

Mtime is a for purpose company that gives busy parents their time back by matching them with in-home family assistants (called moncierges), that they train to support parents through a flexible mix of at home support and childcare. This team can help with cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, chores, and child minding to reinstate a better level of balance for many working parents suffering time-crunch. With a unique and scalable recruitment process they predominantly employ new and returning women to the workforce. By creating this symbiotic model, they openly aim to drive deep societal change related to the disproportionate burden and lack of value placed on unpaid work. Serving families since 2017 from their Melbourne HQ, they have created 100's of new jobs and delivered 1000's of hours of support, partnering with local government communities and winning a major grant with Impact Investing Australia.

You can see all they have to offer on mtime website

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