All price inclusive of GST

Time Moncierge Service
Weekday moncierge service (7:00—19:00) $40.00 per hour
After hour and Saturday moncierge service (19:00—7:00) $49.00 per hour
Sunday moncierge service $56.00 per hour
Public holiday moncierge service $80.00 per hour
Service Rate
Joining Fee $79.00 one off
Annual Fee $149.00 per year
Late fee (late payment for weekly service of more than 5 days) $10.00 per day (after 5 days)
Session cancellation fee (more than 24 hours notice) No charge
Session cancellation fee (less than 24 hours notice) 50% of session cost
Service cancellation No charge
Service pause You can pause at no cost for up to four weeks per calendar year. Every additional week you are paused incurs a $20/week holding fee. You can pause for up to 12 weeks at a time without repaying the joining fee. Pauses longer than 12 weeks will require you to repay the joining fee.
Fuel Charges If you require your moncierge to drive during your session, you will be charged $1/km
Rideshares If you require your moncierge to use mtime's rideshare account during your session you will be charged a $1.50 processing fee on top of the ride cost.
Shadowing A standard 1.5hr shadow session is $85. Shadows can be extended in increments on 30mins for $50/hr.

Please refer to our terms for additional information about our fees and charge.


  1. Why is there a surcharge on weekends and weekdays between 19:00—7:00?

    We charge a surcharge to our service during these times to cover the penalty rates of our staff and additional administrative support provided by our concierge team.

  2. Why is there a higher surcharge on public holidays?

    We charge a higher surcharge to our service on public holidays because the penalty rates for our staff are much higher on these dates. The rate also covers the additional administrative support provided by our concierge team.

  3. What is the annual fee for?

    The annual fee (membership fee) allows us to offer you all inclusive support before and after you've been matched with a Moncierge via a personal Concierge. Your Concierge will organise replacements, be there if you need an extra session or last minute additional help, handle the processing of payments, ensure quality control, troubleshoot issues, take care of scheduling and more. Your first year is covered by your joining fee of $149.00 (and we will refund 50% of your joining fee if you choose not to continue).

  4. What are the late fees?

    Delays in paying fees and charges due and payable to the company of more than five (5) working days will result in a $10.00 per day late fee and suspension of service. If your service is suspended for this reason, we reserve the right to match your Moncierge with a new customer.

  5. Can I have a cheaper rate if I have more hours?

    Unfortunately not, we have a flat rate for all services regardless of the number of hours sought.

  6. What is a shadow?

    Whenever your Moncierge is away, you have the option of pausing the service at no cost until they return or having a replacement. All replacements are at no cost to the customer in this circumstance as it is covered by the annual fee. If you choose to have a replacement and your moncierge is away for 6hrs of regular service or more, we will add an additional 30 minutes to your first session with your replacement at no cost to you. As an alternative to the complimentary 30 minutes, customers can also request a shadow service. This means that your usual moncierge will have 1.5hrs working with your new moncierge during a session so that they are trained on how your sessions usually run. Shadows sessions cost $85 for the standard 1.5hr session, on top of the usual session cost. Longer shadow sessions are charged in 30 minute increments at a cost of $50/hr.

Note: All prices are reviewed and subject to change each financial year. These prices are correct as of FY 19/20. Please refer to our terms for additional information about our fees and charges.